Friday, October 14, 2016

4th of July ....

It is mid October and I am putting up
a post about 4th of July

oh well.....better late than never!

for the past few years we have been going down to
the Chesapeake Bay to spend 4th of July
with our brother-in-law Tommy and
sister-in-law Joanne

It is probably one of our most relaxing vacations
as it's just hanging out with good people 
having a really good time

We play a lot of corn a lot!!

Tommy and Joanne's beautiful home
and pool

we also love to play cards
here's Joanne showing her 
"World Series of Poker" look

Lois brought flags for our watermelon....we are
very patriotic! haha

the view from the porch looking across the creek

at the end of the day, hanging out on the porch is the best!!

looking straight ahead is the bay

this picture cracks me up.....we play partners in corn hole
Gene and Johnny were partners
after a tough turn, both look a little frustrated.....ha!

Joanne and I were out on one of their boats and
came upon Gene and Lois out in the other boat!

Joanne and I cruising all around on the bay

How I stay hydrated while at the bay....
back from my morning walk, bottled water, coffee and a Bloody Mary!

More fun boating

While out for a drive and lunch one day 
we stopped at this little tiki bar

Just one of the most beautiful views
I have taken so many pictures of this view and it 
always looks different....different light, shadows
just so beautiful


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