Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter 2016 ....

We celebrated Easter at our house this year
was hoping for a big Easter egg hunt outside with the kids
but we had so much rain that the yard was
just a muddy mess
so we decided to just do it inside!!

First holiday celebration with both of our parents 
not that was sad
But thankful that we have each other
such a big family here
there are 30 of us!
So that makes for some fun family gatherings

We were missing my niece Abby who is still working
out of state and missing another niece Alison, who is
away at college.

Here's a big collection of pictures...
we had so many eggs filled with candy and it would
have been plenty for outside but inside, you just start running
out of place to hide turned out to be
pretty funny all of the places we were coming up with!

Johnny and Lorraine

Lynne and Tyler

Lynne, Declan, Vickie and Jacquelyn
Jacquelyn is always my sous chef! She always makes
sure everything is just right for me :)
I did the ham, bread, sweet tea and an orzo salad
and then everyone else brought a dish
and everything was so yummy!!

Tom, Lynne and John Thomas

Aimee, Kayce and a great photo bomb by Nicole

My brother Tracy and Jake

My sister Kandi

Tyler and Lorraine


and with his mommy Nicole

Jake and Kayce

Jacquelyn and Bucky
Declan Liam and Avery Grace

awww, here I am with 3 of my grandchildren

with Jacquelyn and Avery

Declan finding eggs in Uncle Jake's pocket

Avery makes the funniest faces for us now
so cute


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