Sunday, November 22, 2015

Current favorite things ....

Some current favorite things right now......

this is def one of my favorite things .... 50% off of everything
at GAP....yes!! On Friday when the sale started, I put in my order 
which took care of shopping for my grandchildren and my daughter
huge savings!!

I always buy the big role of wrapping paper at Costco
I love using all of the same paper
and I LOVE that it has the lines on the reverse side
so that I can cut straight lines.....yes, it's the little things!!

I don't use dryer sheets....they are bad for your clothes and 
your dryer. Just way too many chemicals and they cause your dryer screen
to not work as well. So I always just dealt with the static. But now, these
little dryer hedgehogs work a miracle. They not only get rid of
all static cling but they make your clothes softer as they are
fluffing your clothes the whole time they are drying.
LOVE them!!

My Grandma Pendleton always had Christmas cactus'
she loved them so much and would just be so happy when they
bloomed at Christmas. Every time I see one, I'm reminded of
my sweet grandma. Johnny and I were in Home Depot the other day
and they had so many beautiful ones.
this one now sits on my kitchen counter 

I have been wanting some short brown boots
They opened a LL Bean in one of our local shopping centers
Found these casual ones......LOVE them!

I also discovered and wow, they have some great deals on there
but it's really like taking a gamble buying from them as they do no returns
So when I saw these boots on there, the price was so good that I figured
even if they didn't fit, I could find someone who could use them
Lucky for me they fit perfect
I LOVE the bling on them too

oh boy....the Olive Oil shop is a very addictive place to go
they have the most yummy olive oils and vinegars
my current favorite is the basil olive oil and the 
tomato vinegar.....on a salad, wow! So good


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