Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beach Vacation 2014 ....

Labor Day weekend
we headed down to our favorite vacation spot,
the Outer Banks of North Carolina
We rented a condo with Jacquelyn, Bucky, Declan and Lynne
for a week of fun and sun!!
September is my favorite time to go down to the OBX
and though it was nice, it was also still very hot
We arrived on Saturday but you are unable to check in to
your condo until about 4:00 so we tried to find some things
to do that would keep Declan happy. First we went out
to breakfast. Then we headed over to the Aquarium
here's some pics......

Declan was fascinated by the water fountain

and he loved throwing coins in to the water

as I'm going through my vacation pictures I see that I
pretty much only took pictures of Declan......haha
I need to start taking pics of other people too!

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Mallory said...

Love the pictures in the aquarium!!