Monday, August 4, 2014

Coffee mugs ...

My new collection ... Starbucks mugs!
I love these big, chunky mugs
I really like most all of Starbucks coffee cups/mugs but these
are slightly bigger so they are my favorite...holds more coffee!!
and these are the 4 I have so far
so the first one on the left, I love because it's white, has
a bright red ring at the bottom and has Starbucks in gold lettering
the next one I love because of the chunkiness of it...reminds
me of the mugs you would get at diners so long ago
the one top of that I love not only for the colors but it's the
"Richmond" mug
and the one on the right because it's Tiffany blue it!!
I love going into Starbucks and looking through all of the mugs
to see if any catch my eye to add to my collection

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