Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin carving ....

Jake came home for the weekend and suggested having
dinner on Saturday night since he always misses
Sunday night dinner
and with it, we could carve pumpkins
what fun.....except that Nicole and crew had to leave
as Gabe was getting sick and had a fever.
So we missed them
But Jake and Bucky enjoyed carving them up

Both of them drew out their designs before carving
and both of them had to turn the pumpkin around
and start over .... haha

Going to roast these seeds later....

Declan's first Halloween ...

Not a good picture, blurry.......but his look is so precious

I saw this idea on Pinterest and asked Jake to do for me
He did a great job!

And Bucky did his design to show his pumpkin is in shock
at Jake's pumpkin eating somebody.......zombie pumpkin!!


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