Sunday, December 16, 2012

3 soup day ....

Just like everyone else, I have had a very heavy heart this weekend
the senseless shooting on Friday is just so evil, so hard
to believe....just not right.

I went shopping on Saturday but all I could notice was the happiness
on little childrens faces and thinking of the children who
wouldn't see a Christmas this year

Today is rainy and dreary
it's def a day to stay inside
and cuddle with your family

and have soup!

The best comfort food is soup
And I ended up making 3 of them
Vegetable, bean and baked potato

I love the soup's creamy, cheesy and oh so good
and it's made in the crock pot so that makes it even better!!

and yummy vegetable soup ....

and 15 bean soup....with onions and bacon, yum!!

it's going to be a very busy week getting ready for Christmas
so all of the pots of soup will be good for dinner

and we'll hold the families from Newtown close to our heart
and pray for healing, pray for peace


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