Monday, June 18, 2012

Atlanta ...

We went to Atlanta for a week to visit with Johnny's family
I wanted to fly but Johnny wanted to drive!
and because I couldn't have him driving by himself, I rode with him
And believe me, I don't like it!
9 hours is just way too long to be in a car!!
And really, the interstate highways are just boring
about the only thing I can say about the ride from Richmond
to Atlanta is......
North Carolina hasn't the cleanest and prettiest interstates
It also takes FOREVER to get through NC
South Carolina is only 116 miles from state line to state line
The roads get very, very rough while in Virginia and the sides of
the roads are not mowed enough!
But Virginia does have the nicest rest stops! haha....

We had a lot of fun in Atlanta....below are some pics

below is our niece and nephew, Terri and Scott

here's Scott and his sweet wife Emily

Johnny and his sisters Dee and Shay

do you see Johnny and I  ....... haha

Pendleton is my maiden name......

here we are walking's one thing I love about being down there. You can walk to restaurants, the train station, the!!

We went to a party at one of Dee's friends!

This is one of Dee's doggies......Bren. I would have brought
her home with me if Dee had let me!! But she's a mommas
girl for sure.....

While we were there, Jacquelyn and Bucky celebrated their one year anniversary. Can you believe it was just a year ago that I was overloading the blog with all things "wedding".....haha!! We all went to dinner that night and felt very honored that they wanted to spend their one year anniversary with all of us! We even brought with us the top to their wedding cake.......and it was
still delicious!!

ok, that was picure overload for sure!


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