Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow ...

We left the Chesapeake Bay on Sunday morning as
they were calling for a good size snow in Richmond
yes....finally, SNOW!!
it would be our first for this winter

but as we drove home I kept reading that the storm was falling
apart and wouldn't be as large as they thought

we just haven't had the bitter cold this winter

but still, it did snow and we ended up with about 4 inches
of slushy snow. Woke up on Monday morning to a winter
this was the first time in snow for Pippa lou and she loved it
as much as Bella. My old girl Chrissy doesn't play in it as much
as she used to....too cold for her!

at one point Sunday night, we got 2 inches in one hour
it was coming down fast!

and then the next morning
the dogs had fun but were in and out all day long!!


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