Sunday, March 27, 2011


well, I've been away from the blogs for a little while because.....
On March 17th at 1:24 am my precious Johnny boy suffered a stroke
he woke me up and said.....there's something wrong
he suffered an ischemic stroke in the very back of his head, at the brain stem
this is the area that mostly controls your balance along with other things
he had no balance, at all, just fell forward
his vision went
he couldn't move his head without becoming violently sick
the pressue of his brain swelling bruised his precious face
it was awful
and we were both very scared

We are........
thankful for God's grace
thankful for excellent doctors
thankful for friends and family praying for Johnny
thankful for most awesome nurses
thankful that my Johnny boy is recovering

the statistics for the kind of stroke Johnny had is scary
the kind of stroke he had makes up for only 20% of all strokes
40% do not survive
50% survive but do not fully recover....a lot of those that do survive
remain in a vegetative state
10% fully recover
My Johnny.....he is in the 10%

he is now in the rehab center
he couldn't walk
then he used a walker
then he used a cane
and now, well, that strong husband of mine is walking on his own
slow and a bit wobbly but still...on his own!!

the doctors have told us he will make a full recovery
his dr said one year from now, you'll never know he had a stroke!
beautiful words to my ears

we are humble, grateful...and thankful
and overjoyed that he will be home soon



LilliGirl said...

Music to my ears and a I know a song straight to your heart!!!

Connie said...

So happy he is doing so well. One day at a time!

Thinking of you!

Christine said...

I some how missed this information!!! I am so sorry to hear this happened but am so thankful he is doing better!!!! I will keep you both in my prayers!!! Hugs to you both!

Midwest Nest said...

So sorry to hear this but glad that he is on the rode to recovery. Prayers with you and family.

traci said...

oh my gosh nina. i am so sorry to hear this. how scary for you all. i am so happy that he is going to be just fine. how lucky for all of you. those are some scary odds. my thoughts and prayers are with you while he continues his recovery.