Friday, January 7, 2011


Bella Boo has been sleeping in a playpen since we brought her home
the other night she started crying in the middle of the night
very unusal for her
Johnny, bless his heart, got out of bed and took her outside
and it was cold!
when he put her back in her crib, she cried
so the softie that he is, he put her in bed with us
I knew then that we had come to an end with the playpen
so yes, she has been sleeping on our bed and doing fine
but really, how could anyone resist such cuteness



Carol R (p) Christie D (s) said...

We made that same mistake with our Joe 7yrs ago. When I had surgery, we decided to buy him a heated bed from PetSmart and well, no more doggie in the bed. He loves his heated bed and special doggie blanket. I do not miss his water bottle hot body curled up on my feet....nor the occasional oops when he got sick in the bed. LOL

Christine said...

love your dog! what a cutie!