Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Johnny.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my guy......Johnny!!

Top ten reasons Johnny boy deserves a happy birthday........

10. As I've said before, he's one hard working guy

9. Even old men should have some fun....hehe

8. He's the best husband a woman could ever dream of!

7. And ditto.....the best dad to our 3 kids!

6. He cares about people....really, really cares about people and their feelings.

5. He loves his family

4. He spoils me!

3. He's thoughtful

2. He's funny

1. And I love him!!


1 comment:

Melly said...

You guys are someone I can look up to and hope to be like in my future marriage. I am so happy that you two are happy and continue to be, you just don't see that kinda love everyday. Jacq is very lucky to have parents like you guys, and I can tell she feels the same way each time she talks of you both.