Thursday, September 3, 2009


there is so much going on I can't wait for vacation!
we had the new heating / ac system installed on Monday.
it is very, very large! haha......I asked Johnny if he was planing on adding on to the house and didn't tell me! I have named her Big Bertha and she knows how to cool ya!!
so at least that's all done.

the living room is painted. I wanted to get that done before they refinished the floors. Then I read the instructions that the flooring people gave me and they recommend NOT doing any painting before they work. haha....guess I should have read that first. But they only said that in case they scuff up the wall so that's no big deal...I can touch up.

I had not been able to find a resonable price on moving the piano from the living room to Nicole's house. The lowest price I got was $300. But I called a guy today that the floor people recommend and he is going to do it for $155. whew...glad I have that scheduled. We have everything in the dining room, living room and foyer packed and now we just have to move the furniture out to the garage. We'll get that done this weekend.

Then there is the issue of the trojan virus and our home computer. She is sick...bad sick...sick like swine flu sick! And we can't fix it! So the Computer Doc is going to pick it up and move all of our files off, rebuild the pc, clean our files and put them back on. I'll be glad to get this done.....I'll hear from him tomorrow on when they will pick it up.

They are coming on Tuesday to start refinishing the floors. They will sand and stain on Tuesday. Then a coat of poly on Wed, Thursday and Friday. Then by the time we get back on Sunday, we'll be able to walk on it. Jake will be here all week making sure everything goes ok.

Let's see.....what else....oh yeah, still need to pack for the beach. Johnny and I are taking our last vacation of the year and heading down to the beach for a week. Ahhhh.....temps are going to be in the low 80's so it will be perfect relaxing on the beach. I'm looking forward to it.

I'll have to take some before and after of the floors. It's going to look good but different. We have a light stain on there now.....and they are all scratched up. We're going dark this time.


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Lissa said...

Well enjoy the beach! Enjoy your new floors!

So sorry about the virus... total bummer.