Monday, August 18, 2008


We had a really great weekend.....all of us went to the Outback on Friday night for Nicole's birthday. And you know, that's always good.

Saturday....a little cleaning, a little shopping and all of the kids home for dinner..even my nephew.

Sunday...lazy day. Hung out on the deck and played with my camera a lot. Had some most delicious baby back ribs for dinner....again, all of the kids over. I rubbed the ribs down good with a bbq rub and then put in the oven, 275 deg for 4 hours. After that, they were just falling off of the bone......but we put them on the grill and smothered in BBQ sauce...yum yum. Also fixed the wonderful tomato/pasta salad, smashed potatoes (from Pioneer Woman's website) and a great salad.

And what else did we do all weekend...oh yeah......we watched the Olympics!!! all weekend.
and for those of you wondering and/or asking, Jake is doing fine. thanks!



Cheryl Wray said...

Mmmmm....ribs!! I love em!!!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

And I am loving the Olympics too.

Loreluca said...

I've never made ribs, can you believe it? It sounds like such a pleasant summer weekend! Feel free to share your rib secrets... what sauce do you use? It just sounds sooo good, I'd love to surprise Brian and the kids!
hugs, my dear!

Connie said...

Thanks for your prayers...I can smell those ribs!!! We spent the weekend getting our son moved into an apartment near school. He officially took off this afternoon and starts tomorrow. It has been an emotional day seeing our youngest grown up and leaving the nest. Have a good weekend! Another week has flown by!!

traci said...

yummmmm - ribs!! what a wonderful weekend you had. i have been watching the olympics the last 2 days - love it!! but i missed everything else while at the cabin. no tv. which normally doesn't faze me at all, but i really missed not seeing the olympics from the start. glad your son is doing well.