Saturday, January 7, 2017

Current favorite things ....

here are my current favorite things....
and they are simple things, I'm no Oprah!

I love the candle melts.....even better than burning candles
and it turns out my favorites are from Kohls
We are having a big snow today so this one is perfect
and smells so good

I love working puzzles
and I always wait until after Christmas is packed away
I've done so much cooking and entertaining during Christmas
that I know it will be a while before I'm hosting anything
so the table is free for working a puzzle

I LOVE "All Washed Up" jewelry
Johnny has bought me 2 of them in the past
one is the coordinates to the Outer Banks
and other is 3 ocean waves
So for Christmas, he was going to surprise me with 2 more except our
puppy Khaleesi found them first!
One was undamaged, 3 starfish
but the other one the blue stone was missing and the bar was
scratched up from her chewing on it. The chain was also broken
We sent it back and the wonderful owners repaired it and replaced
the stone. I got it back the other day.
I told Johnny "but you're my anchor"....haha
we decided we are each others anchor

Of course I have to put my new planner on my favorite list
I just love getting a new planner!
and really, I cannot live without this
with all of new technologies, I still like to have a paper copy
for my planning, appointments, vacation notes, birthdays, etc.

My manager gave me one of those new mini polaroid cameras
for Christmas. OMG....absoutely love that camera
and I takes pictures of folks as the come
over to visit and put them up on the kitchen hutch
I guess it might look a little tacky but I don't care, I think
it's fun! 

these are cleaning cloths from Norwex
when first introduced to these I thought wow, pretty expensive for some
cleaning cloths but now that I have used them, I can understand
why. I can't explain them on how they work but goodness, they are
awesome. The dusting mitt for example.....I can dust my TV stands and I
swear 2 days later they have dust on them again. I kind of figured that was 
because the electronics attract dust. Well now I use Norwex mitt and it was 
8 days later before there was dust on the stands!! So apparently all of these
years of dusting I was just scattering it around....haha
No matter what I used on the kitchen backsplash it was always 
looking streaky. Now with the window cloth, no more streaks!!
these cloths are amazing

and my last favorite hair! haha
I did like it short but now that I have decided to grow it out, I'm 
really loving it. I have gotten past the awkward, hard stage and
can now style it better. So it's my favorite right now....haha!!

so that's it for current favorite things!!


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