Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Myrtle Beach, SC ....

Back in the first week of May we spent 6 days with
our dearest friends, Jerry and Glenda in their beautiful
retirement home in Myrtle Beach, SC

Just some background for folks that don't know......Glenda is one of my oldest friends. Not as in age but the friend I have had the longest.
Glenda worked for the construction company that built Nabisco.
Once finished, she went to work there.
Enter Johnny, 42 years ago, applied for a job at Nabisco
Once hired, he became great friends with Glenda.
Enter me, started dating Johnny 38 years ago and right
away met Glenda. We have been friends every since!
Many times over the past 38 years we didn't always see each
other or hang is busy. You have kids, other
obligations but through it all, any time we saw each other
we just picked up where we left off. 
Glenda is the kind of friend that I know without a doubt has my back
She knows all of my family and all of Johnny's family
Both of our parents just loved her!
We love her and Jerry so much!

ok, on to our trip
I think the 4 of us can sit around a kitchen table and talk 
and laugh for hours on end!! My goodness, sometimes we
would all be sitting around the table and then realize half
of the day was gone! But that is just fine with us.
we love being with them and catching up on everything
we also can solve most of the world problems in our discussions!

and playing cards is another of our favorite things to do.
We ate out some, we made big breakfasts'
went to the pier, went to the beach, went to Broadway
on the Beach, went to the Moose Lodge, went shopping
we just enjoyed those 6 days to the fullest!!
Really hate that so many miles separate us but love that they are
living their dream of retirement at the beach!!
haha.....funny that Johnny and I share that same dream, just
different beach. One evening
we had a terrible storm!

Jerry and Glenda live in a really nice community just
maybe 5 minutes from the beach (maybe 10?)
there are 5 man made ponds in the community
they are linked to each other with those huge pipes
I guess it keeps the water flowing
And it is South Carolina so there are alligators
in those ponds!! 
Their house backs up to one of the ponds
We saw one of the alligators one day sunning on the banks
of the pond. And then the rest of the time there we would always
see him lurking in the water. Just see his head.

this is the best picture I could get of him


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