Monday, March 2, 2015

Some favorite things ....

here are just a few of my favorite things......... oh man how I love them
And when I'm home on the weekend or working from home, I
always make them in the morning

I use Trader Joe's coconut milk. I've tried other brands and I like this one the best. And I love mixing fruits
this morning was banana and mango.....yum!
Sometimes I use a little less coconut milk and make it thick so 
it has the consistence of ice cream!  When I do that I add a little
honey to make it sweeter....then I pretend I'm eating ice cream...haha!!

Another food......Larabars! And now Johnny loves them so I'm having
to buy a bunch more but that's a good thing
these are all natural, most only have a few ingredients and there
are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives so they
are good for you. And I cannot even tell you my favorite
because I love them all.

Another thing I big ass sink! Sorry, I just have to call it that because it is just so big! When we re-modeled the kitchen just over 3 years ago, it was one of the best decisions I made purchasing this sink.
My sink kind of looks dirty but it's is just the way the light 
is coming in the window as the water in the sink is drying.

Leg warmers!!! OMGosh.....I just love them.
I think now they call them "boot socks" but really, they are leg warmers.
My daughter Jacquelyn gave me these cute ones for Christmas and I do wear them with my boots. But when I'm home and wearing leggings, I like to wear these to keep me warm. Leggings are comfortable but not very warm. And just so you know, I only wearing leggings "like pants" at home...haha!!

I know I have done some other "favorite things" post 
so I might have repeated myself....oh well. If I did, then
it just means it is "still" my favorite thing!


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