Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cinnamon Buns ....

I started making Pioneer Woman's cinnamon buns a few years back
I made them for my parents and siblings and gave them
on Thanksgiving weekend. They were already frozen so they just
saved them for Christmas morning.
Then I would make another batch closer to Christmas for our
Christmas morning and to give to a few close friends
I will warn you on this.....once you start making them for
people, you really have to stay with it!! haha.......everyone loves them
and though it takes a little effort and time, they are fun to make.
Today one of my dearest friends Janace came over and we made
a batch......8 tins of buns!
Now tonight I made another batch and was able to get
10 tins of buns. All a matter of how you roll them out and
roll them can vary
I follow Ree's recipe to a T! I even measure out my dough
once I roll it out......10 inches wide, 30 inches long
and here are my only tips.......
have everything ready to go, makes it so much easier
when you pour the butter on the dough, just use your hands
to spread it out...and cover every inch of the dough

notice I already have my tins all lined up and buttered so when I start
slicing the dough, they are all there ready to go

next you sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon and just make
sure you get every bit this point it's really too messy
to try and use your hands so just sprinkle it all over

then comes time to roll it up.......and you'll have the butter, sugar
and cinnamon oozing out but that's fine, just smear it on there as you
roll it. It is easier if you have 2 people doing it but tonight it was
just me and it rolled up fine.

after you slice  them up, just cover with kitchen towels and let rise
for about 20 minutes. Look at them there.......all comfy in
pretty red Christmas towels :)

and once they come out, put the icing on right away.....and smother them
good in the icing. I only bake 2 tins at a time so sometimes your icing
can start to harden a little....if that happens just add a few drops of
milk and whisk it up some more.
These are by far the best cinnamon buns I have ever had.
a little warning though......they are very addictive!!


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Kendra Holeman said...

How do you make the icing?