Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review ....

here's my annual recap of the year
in the Delaney family
-Our son started a new job which equaled the start of a
new career for him
-Our kitchen was finally in everything installed and
all painted. Still waiting on backsplash and furniture
-We still had NO snow
-We celebrated my mom's birthday with a party at our house
-Johnny and I went down to the Chesapeake bay with family and friends
-And on the way back from the bay, we finally got some snow....4 inches
of slushy snow!
-I discovered Pinterest where I spent many many hours
-Jacquelyn and Bucky had plumbing issues and came to stay with us for a couple of weeks
-3/17 marked one year since Johnny's stroke
-We went to see Elton John
-Jake and Jacquelyn threw a surprise dinner party for my birthday
-Jacquelyn had a birthday
-our doggie Pippa Lou discovered a nest of bunnies in the backyard
which then became my newest worry
-I finally found the backsplash for the kitchen!
-Jacquelyn and I started attending Jazzercise
-Jake had a birthday
-Jake and Jacquelyn surprised Lynne and I with a Mothers Day dinner
-Johnny and I celebrated 33 years together
-Jacquelyn, Bucky, Johnny, and I went to Atlanta to see family for a week
-Jacquelyn and Bucky celebrated their one year anniversary while there and we all went out to dinner together
-Johnny had a birthday
-June marked my 6th year of blogging
-we had a tornado right by my work!

-Johnny and I went down to the bay with Tommy and Joanne for 5 fun days
-Mom and I canned 44 quarts of tomatoes

-Nicole had a birthday
-Johnny and I went down to the beach
-I blogged a lot about food....hmmm
-We found out a BIG secret
-Maddox and Gabe had a birthday....they celebrate the same birthdate
-We spent Labor Day at the Chesapeake Bay with Tommy and Joanne
-And we saw a blue moon while at the bay
-We were finally able to share the news......Jacquelyn and Bucky having
a baby on or about March 6th
-We went back to the beach for a week
-I set up my cute little coffee bar in the kitchen

-We had 13 for dinner on Thanksgiving day
-Bucky had a birthday
-We had 24 for dinner on Saturday after Thanksgiving
-We watched Jacquelyn get bigger and bigger with our new grandson
-we had a very mild and beautiful fall

-Our son Jake moved out....our last one to leave the nest
-I did a 25 day countdown to Christmas
We had a sort of calm year......and that's a good thing in my book
We have been having a lot of fun anticipating our new grandson
and we have high hopes for a wonderful new year
calm, I can handle that so my wish for 2013 is calm....

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