Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weather ...

We have had some crazy weather in Virginia over the past few years
we have been experiencing tropical storms....
and Hurricane Isabel
lots and lots of flooding

last year a 5.8 earthquake just a few miles from where I work

and lately, tornado's!!

On Monday severe thunderstorms were in our forecast
this is nothing out of the ordinary
we always have some big thunderstorms when the temps
get up high and we have high humidity

At work we saw the clouds rolling in around 2:30
the wind kicked up
dust from the construction site on campus kicked up so
much we could no longer see the big cranes
and then the rain hit....coming in sideways!!
could not believe how powerful the winds were..
it really looked like when we had the hurricane

Our power went off and then we all started getting emergency
emails on our work laptops to take cover....and to go to the
interior safe rooms of our floor as there was a tornado warning
in effect. But we were fascinated by the storm outside
and stayed by the windows. In hindsight, we realize that was
a pretty dumb thing to do.

Today is was confirmed by the National Weather Service that we had a F0 tornado that was just
around the corner from our office building. We weren't in the path but as everyone knows, it could have taken a turn.

this pic was taken by Rick Kidd of Rick Kidd Photography from the office building next to mine.....you can see how close it came!!

I think next time they give us a warning, I'll listen. These
things are just getting a little too close for comfort!


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