Monday, February 20, 2012

Been MIA .....

I can't believe I've neglected my blog!!
But I do admit I get sucked in to Facebook too much and then
forget about this little spot on the web

and this little spot is so much more important to me as it documents
my family's life!

So what have I been up to since Feb 9th......
well these 2 little girls keep me pretty busy

and trying to get the house back to normal after all of the
re-modeling and holidays!

and really, besides working, we haven't done much of anything.
went out to eat the Saturday before Valentines.

When I came downstairs on Valentines morning, this
is what greeted me......

We also went to a surprise 40th birthday party for my niece's husband
she hosted the party at Havanna 59...a really cool place in
downtown Richmond

Alex loves cigars so Aimee has his cake done with fake ones.....

and a good time was had by all.......


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