Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding shower.....

I can't believe in the middle of Johnny being in the hospital
we had a wedding shower!
But you know....the countdown to the wedding must go on... :)
Two of the bridesmaids hosted the shower for Jacquelyn
at my house
They decorated, they ran the errands and shopped
but I did do the cooking.
awww c'mon now, did you really think I could let someone have a party
at my house and me not cook! haha
check out below...lots of pics of the decorations and food!

since the wedding is at the beach, they chose a beach theme for the shower

the drink table....

favors for the guest....small yankee candles

we had a full vase of hydrangeas since they are one of the flowers in the wedding

the dessert table......

so many gifts........

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Connie said...

It looked great! Love the chalk board in the back ground with Congrats to Jacquelyn and Bucky!

Glad Johnny made it home. Praying for you!

Cloggsy said...

Everything looked amazing!

traci said...

well it looks like the shower was a success. love all the beach details.

and holy cow that is a lot of presents.