Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wedding planning....

who knew there was so much to do!!
when I married 32 years ago you reserved the church
ordered some food and a cake
and flowers

married in the church
ate in the church reception hall

left for your honeymoon!

nowadays, there is a lot more to it and a lot of details
and don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining
this is fun!!
I sure wish it had been more like this when I married
I would have totally had an over the top event....haha!!

It's a little different too when you're having a destination wedding
so we have planned 2 trips to the Outer Banks
In April we will meet with the Cake lady, the florist, the photographer and the wedding coordinator at the Hilton

Then back down there in May to have the final mtg with the florist
Jacquelyn and Bucky will go get their marriage license
will meet with the DJ, the minister and the Hilton to pick out the food.
And Jacquelyn will do her trial run with her hair.
I made all of these appts over the past 2 days so we're all set

and the dining room table is turning into wedding central

here's a pic of mine and Johnny's wedding topper, our very tarnished silver goblets and the bottle of champagne from our honeymoon!

so very different than nowadays....


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Carrie said...

oh sounds like its going to be beautiful :)