Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The proposal....

They were friends first
and have now been together over 6 years

Over a week ago, he came to Johnny and ask for her hand in marriage
and with blessings was told yes

He took her for a walk on the beach and got down on one knee
and she said yes!

Look how happy they are!!

WOW........that was a hard secret to keep! Johnny and I are so thrilled for our daughter Jacquelyn and Bucky.
Needless to say our vacation at the beach was just over flowing with happiness. Bucky's parents also came down so it was just a fun celebration and such a blessing to spend time with them. So honored that Bucky included us in the plans.



Carrie said...

congrats to the cute couple!


Amber said...


How exciting!!

Connie said...

Young love!!! It's so refreshing! Congratulations and what a nice young man your daughter found!!


Karen said...

Congratulations! How fun is this? I can't wait until one of my boys finds his special someone!
Enjoy! Now the craziness begins! YAY!
HAGD! Karen

traci said...

how sweet. congratulations!!!!

linda said...

Congrats to all of you at this happy time in your lives. How exciting!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Two beautiful young people! Remember what it felt like?