Monday, October 5, 2009

A good weekend.....

I just had the best weekend and it was all because I got to spend it with my hubby!

as I've mentioned before, he pretty much works all of the time! no kidding....7 days a week. It's not unusual for him to work 25 to 30 days straight with no time off. So when a weekend rolls around that he is off, I am one happy ole gal!
I took Friday off becuase my house being out of order was starting to put me in such a bad mood that I was snapping at everyone. I spent the day getting the rooms back together from getting the floors re-done. Then I cleaned and did all of the laundry.....whew! Tired does not even begin to describe how I felt.

Johnny did work 2nd shift on Saturday but that was ok......spending part of the day together was better than none. So we got up on Sat morning and walked up to Mountain Road for the Glen Allen Day parade. Parked ourselves on the curb and watched the sweetest parade. We had the high school band, churches, karate club and tons of old cars. I have to say...the 69 Camaro was one of the favs. And the color.....yum! Think small town.........I loved it!

Then we went up to Ashland to the pumpkin patch.....bought some pumpkins and mums for the front porch. Next up, Sam's Club. Did a little stocking up and they still had their awesome deal on roses......10 for $5.98. I bought 10 red ones and 10 white ones!

Johnny had to leave for work at 2:00..........then my nephew and his fiance came over and we headed out to do their engagement pics. What fun!

Sunday Johnny was off work and he cooked breakfast for me and little Chrissy girl....she loves her bacon and eggs! We drove over to see Jacq and Bucky's house with the new roof, new siding, new shutters.......lots of new stuff. It looks great.

Then it was baby back ribs in the oven for all day cooking and settling in for some football.

the only thing that ruined the weekend was the Cowboys losing to Denver. It's tough being a Cowboys fan but I'll hang in there with em........just good grief, can we at least get it together a little bit!



Kristen said...

aww how fun! sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!

Connie said...

Love the small town parades...we lived in Glendora, CA for 7 years and they would close up downtown on Friday afternoon of Homecoming for the 15 min parade and it was crazy with everyone in town showing up. What fun!!

I remember you blogging last year and about the pumpkin patch and all the pumpkins that Bucky could carry.

Glad you had a good weekend and my hubby is a Cowboys fan too so we feel the pain. Keep your chin up!