Friday, June 20, 2008


A bullet point Friday......
*Working from home today - just doing my part to conserve gas!

*We're having a party tomorrow for Johnny boy's birthday......turning double nickels!

*Man oh man.....groceries have gone up so much!!

*Maddox has been doing some amazing things this week. He talked to us!! He wanted to go outside and as always, showed this by pressing his face into the kitchen french doors. Nicole told him they would go outside after dinner. So we had dinner and when he finished, he threw his hands in the air, said "all done" and then pointed to the door and said "outside"....WOW WOW WOW. This was huge! And of course, brought tears to my eyes.

*Last night Johnny and I were going to Costco to get stuff for the party. Maddox noticed we were leaving and started reaching for us. We told him we would be back soon and the look he gave us.....well, let me just say, I had tears in my eyes again!! So yes, we took him with us. I told Johnny......this kid, he's going to always get whatever he wants from me!

*The deck.....IS ALMOST DONE!! And it will be ready for the party tomorrow but without the railings. Johnny and I are off Monday and Tuesday so he'll work on them then.

*Finally..making plans to go to the beach!! Still waiting to find out what Johnny will be working over the July 4th weekend but for sure we can leave on Sunday and stay through Wed.

*Going to the horse track again on Sunday....giddy up!

that's it for now.....


Loreluca said...

WAY TO GO MADDOX!!!! How exciting!
Can I go to the beach, too????
WOWSERS! I haven't been to the beach since 1996! OUCH, that hurts!

Nina Diane said...

yes Paula....come on over to the East Coast! I would love for you to hang out on the beach with me!!