Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog anniversary .....

10 years ago today I wrote my first blog post
to be honest, I didn't know a whole lot about what I was doing
But I had started following some blogs that were just
regular people like me
talking about life, family, decorating, vacations, flowers
recipes, grandchildren, work

So I thought wouldn't that be a great idea to just document
my life and one day when I leave this earth, my children,
grandchildren and generations to come will have
a source of reference on our family life and me

I have a small little diary that my great grandmother wrote
in daily. It's not a lot of content, mostly the weather...haha
visiting people, canning, gardening but it is a glimpse 
into her life and I savor and love every word I read
So my hope is my family will do the same.

here are some fun facts from my blog.......

first post June 2nd, 2007
total post 1,281 
post with the most page views July 7th 2011
Source that provides the most blog views - Google
Countries with the most page views.....
of course USA is number one
2. Russia - so yes, they are watching all of us...haha
3. China
4. Bulgaria
5. France
6. Germany
7. UK
8. Canada
9. Ukraine
10. Poland

so to all of the folks who view my pages.....HI
I'm not as good about posting, I blame Facebook
but I try to keep up
we are heading into a fun summer with the wedding
and a couple of vacations so hopefully I can keep up!!

as always.......later

Thursday, May 25, 2017

fun weekend....

As I have mentioned often lately.....our son is getting married!
And he and his groomsmen along with Johnny and our 
brother-in-law embarked on a journey via train
to Philadelphia for the weekend

All I can say is it's not just Vegas but also what happens
in Phila, stays in Phila!

Our sister-in-law Joanne invited all of the groomsmen's
wives and girlfriends along with the bride down
to the Chesapeake Bay for a weekend of fun

A few negatives.....the bride couldn't make it, our daughter
Jacquelyn couldn't come, 2 of the groomsmen's wives
couldn't come and the weather was less than great.

But the positives, we had a lot of fun!! And so appreciated
Joanne inviting us all down.
Their place looking so beautiful to start the summer season

Of course Joanne and I started our morning with
delicious Bloody Marys that Joanne made

One of the first things we had to do was due to hard rain
the pool cover was filled with water
the new pump was not working
but have no fear....Jo and I actually figured it out
and got the pump to working

then of course we had to take a picture showing the
water flowing to send to Tommy to show
him we were able to fix it

Just hanging out and waiting for Brianna and Kendall to arrive

we were going to go out but decided to stay in and celebrate
Cinco with nachos, guac and margaritas
and a few shots!

the next morning Joanne made us a fabulous breakfast!!

Bar hopping along the Northern Neck....

and the last day cleared up so pretty that
Brianna and Kendall took the kayaks out

it was a fun weekend and we missed the other girls


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Home camera .....

I thought it would be fun to have a camera in our home
where we could view what our dogs are up to when
we are not home

So I asked around, I did some research and found the
camera that would work for us

and though Bella Boo and Pippa Lou pretty
much just sleep all day, Khaleesi provides some laughs
and we can talk to that is entertaining!

It even has night vision
we were out one night, went to check on the dogs and
realized we forgot to turn any lights on
this is what we saw....

throughout the day when I check the camera, the picture
below is pretty much what I see. 
and apologies for the poop.....but when you have a puppy on
the loose, you have wee wee pads and lucky for us, she always
uses them!

we have put a camera in the den too but I cannot
get the color straight on it. I guess I need to 
call tech support and ask....
I do not have a pink/purple den!!

I was a little thrown off the other day at work when
I turned the camera on and saw someone in my kitchen!!
for a split second, it really scared me
then realized it was our daughter Nicole
I had forgotten she was stopping by
to pick something up


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May ....

Check out my May chalkboard
so many birthdays!!

Our sweet princess granddaughter Avery Grace turned 2

Jake, our youngest who is getting married in just
a few weeks turned 29....last year in his twenties!

My brother Tracy and brother-in-law Xel 
celebrated birthdays...we won't tell their age

Our almost daughter-in-law Kayce will have a birthday this month
and our niece Christy too

My dear sweet friend Glenda, friend for 39 years now will
celebrate her birthday this month

And my Daddy....boy I sure miss him!

Also anniversaries but a real important one....
I quit smoking 10 years ago on May 14th

Seems like we just celebrated Christmas and now
we are only 4 weeks away from the wedding!!
So exciting....