Friday, July 18, 2014

A wedding .....

Johnny and I along with Jacquelyn and Bucky went to
a wedding in May.
A little bit of a bittersweet wedding as it was our son's
ex-girlfriends wedding. I know that may sound weird to some but
Jake and Kayla were together about 4 years so naturally we became
very close to Kayla. Johnny and I always thought she would
eventually become our daughter-in-law!! But as high school
sweethearts usually end up, they both changed. They grew and matured
and their interest became different. And I'm so happy to say that they
have remained friends.
We felt very honored that Kayla and Aaron would invite us to
their special day. It was a little cool that day, especially for the
middle of May but what a wonderful time. The entire wedding, ceremony, dinner and dancing was all outside right along the James River.
here we are enjoying the evening..........

We wish Kayla and Aaron all of the best
and Kayla will always be an unofficial member of our family!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 4th ... more pictures

Just a few more pictures from the bay
Hurricane Arthur came up the east coast while we were down there
but swerved out to sea as it left North Carolina so we
were lucky to only get a little rain on Friday morning
and then the rest of the weekend was beautiful
here's the view at their pool
and this is the view from the porch.....I never get tired of
photographing this view here. The picture below was taken with
my iPhone......the pink hue was so beautiful

here's Johnny and I out in the kayaks

this was taken the morning we had rain......and it was a little
chilly!! Here we are with our morning cocktails......Joanne and
Lois with their Mimosas and me with a Bloody Mary...yum!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 4th ....

We spent 4 wonderful days over the 4th of July
holiday weekend down on the Chesapeake Bay with our
family Tommy and Joanne and good friends
Gene and Lois.
Hanging out with them is so much fun, so relaxing and
you just don't ever want it to end!! We go in to the small
towns of Kilmarnack and White Stone and visit little shops.
Go boating, lounge at the pool or hang at the end of the dock
hoping to catch some fish! We eat a lot of really great food as my brother-in-law Tommy is an excellent cook and of course have a lot of adult beverages......
I also tried kayaking for the first time
and really loved it. Can't wait to go again.

oh look, the love of my life!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A year later ....

July 9th marked my one year of clean eating
and I can honestly say it was one of my best decisions ever
Physically, I have never felt better. Clean eating has shown me that you
truly are what you eat. Eat crap, feel like crap!
I no longer have the achy arthritis pain in my fingers and knee.
yes, it's still there, I can feel it some but nothing like what it used to be.
My sinus' have never felt so clear and I rarely ever have headaches.
I sleep great and have tons of energy and pretty much just feel good every day.
When I started this I really thought I would not stick with it.
I thought I would miss things like cheese, crackers,
ice cream, cake, cake and cake......haha.
Cake is my weakness!
But I don't because I do allow myself to have things like that
every once in awhile. I stray from my clean eating slightly
when on vacation or during holidays. And sometimes just
because I want something. I have committed myself to eat
clean 90% of the time. I eat no grains except occasional
corn on the cob or popcorn. The only sugar I have is a Starbucks Frap or
a piece of birthday cake sometimes.  And of course my wine....but I limit wine to just weekends but some weekends
I don't even have any. And I eat no dairy. Hard to believe
but I just don't miss this stuff.....also don't miss candy.
My daily eating now consist of good, grass fed beef, free range, no
antibiotics added chicken, seafood, nitrate free, sugar free bacon...mmm, love bacon and lots of eggs. We also eat whatever
vegetables and fruits are in season, though I do buy some frozen
fruit for smoothies. And I load up on good fats like avocados, olive oil, olives,
cashews and almonds. I really don't try to re-create many recipes
because I enjoy the simplicity of my eating now. 
I know I will never go back to eating the way I used to eat and
I'm perfectly fine with that. I just really enjoy feeling so great more than
I enjoyed that food I used to eat!!