Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 22nd .....

After the Apraxia walk Jacquelyn and I went out 
to run some errands and then met up with Bucky and Declan
for lunch at Red Robin

after lunch I headed home to relax.....had already been
a long day! I had made chili Friday night and all of the kids
were coming over for dinner and we wanted to 
make smores with the grandkids

Jacquelyn took the picture below from the upstairs pool room
what's funny about the picture, that reflection from
one of Johnny's creep Halloween collection!!

we really had a great time
and about 8:00 when all of the kids left, Johnny and I headed
up to JJ's, a local bar as they had one of our favorite
bands playing there, English Channel
So it was a long day but a fun day!!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Apraxia Walk ...

Saturday, Oct 22nd was the second ever
Walk for Apraxia Awareness in Richmond, VA

brief history.....our grandson has a very severe case of Apraxia
He does not speak, he tries to make sounds and sometimes
he can but that's it. Our daughter last year thought of why not
have a walk to raise awareness for Apraxia. We knew of no one
that had this. So she thought by doing this she could meet other
families and build a community. CASANA told her you may have trouble.
They told her others had tried to have a walk and they were
not able to get it off the ground. 
But she thought why not try.
So last year was the first ever walk in Richmond. 
they had warned her don't be surprised if it's really small
and you don't raise much money
well it surprised everyone, the walk last year raised 
just over 12k and there were lots of walkers!!

This year, the second one, was not as big. Nicole was so busy with
a new baby she said she just didn't have the time to work
on it much. But was still nice, raised almost 4k and had about 
100 people so that was great. 
the 6 children there that have apraxia, they thought it was great
Our Maddox was in all of his glory!!

here's our son Jake and his fiancee working the registration table

Jacquelyn, Avery and our friend Debra worked the t-shirt table

here is my sister Kandi and my niece's husband Alex
Alex was so generous and set up the PA system for the walk
Really great to have family support and have them
just come to the walk

Nicole has a few tables set up with crafts for the kids to work on
Maddox had so much fun making the paper plate pumpkins

She has the event at the Sports Center of Richmond
nice to have indoor space especially on Saturday when it
was so windy. I couldn't imagine if we had to have all of this outside!

 here is Nicole with one of the Shining Stars, Brayden
He was one of the participants last year so we
all loved seeing him come back

here's part of my silly group....haha

Maddox's brother....John Thomas

Maddox's sister, Lorraine
I could not take a picture of Maddox's other brother Gabe
poor guy had poison ivy all over his face :(

Even the adults were having fun painting the Halloween mask

One of my little Princess'.....Lorraine, 11 months old

My other little Princess.....Avery Grace, 17 months old

our sweet "almost" daughter-in-law Kayce

My sister Vickie who was one of the volunteers

Another shining star, Katie
we made posters for each of them

Shining star Brad

Our 2 beautiful daughters


Friday, October 14, 2016

4th of July ....

It is mid October and I am putting up
a post about 4th of July

oh well.....better late than never!

for the past few years we have been going down to
the Chesapeake Bay to spend 4th of July
with our brother-in-law Tommy and
sister-in-law Joanne

It is probably one of our most relaxing vacations
as it's just hanging out with good people 
having a really good time

We play a lot of corn a lot!!

Tommy and Joanne's beautiful home
and pool

we also love to play cards
here's Joanne showing her 
"World Series of Poker" look

Lois brought flags for our watermelon....we are
very patriotic! haha

the view from the porch looking across the creek

at the end of the day, hanging out on the porch is the best!!

looking straight ahead is the bay

this picture cracks me up.....we play partners in corn hole
Gene and Johnny were partners
after a tough turn, both look a little frustrated.....ha!

Joanne and I were out on one of their boats and
came upon Gene and Lois out in the other boat!

Joanne and I cruising all around on the bay

How I stay hydrated while at the bay....
back from my morning walk, bottled water, coffee and a Bloody Mary!

More fun boating

While out for a drive and lunch one day 
we stopped at this little tiki bar

Just one of the most beautiful views
I have taken so many pictures of this view and it 
always looks different....different light, shadows
just so beautiful