Sunday, August 20, 2017

Customer Service gone crazy ....

As I tell this story I myself cannot even believe it

I called Verizon Fios mid July to cut off our cable TV and
our land line. We had just had Directv installed

The lady wrote up the change order, had me confirm via text
saw my new bill would be 69.99 per month for 2 years
for high speed internet. Fine by me....I would receive
the boxes to send the 6 DVR's back to Verizon and my
phone would cut off on Aug 9th

well, I never received boxes and my phone was not cut off.

So I call Verizon Fios
the "change order" never went through. They said we can give
you high speed internet for 74.99 a month and oh hey, you have
to pay the cable bill $199
We did not watch Verizon cable.....we are watching Directv
I was mad that they messed up and I had to pay a bill
so the guy says we'll make this right for you, I will give
you internet for $49.99 a month for the first year and 74.99 
for the second year. And I'll give you a credit since you have to
pay the $199 so your first bill will be a $9 credit.

while all of this is going on I am online checking for other
internet services so I could just tell them forget
but I wasn't finding anything good. I knew we were getting screwed...I 
even started yelling, then crying, then apologizing! haha

So we are all set, 49.99 a month for the first year
74.99 for the second year
$9 credit on first bill (how did they come up with that!!!)
phone will be cut off on Aug 15th and boxes will be delivered

Aug 16th, phone still works, no boxes and a bill
from Verizon for $199.....omg, I'm thinking this cannot be real

call Verizon....get a really nice guy
he said well, the good news is the last 2 people made really
good notes on your account so I can see everything you are saying is correct

me: you don't say! haha
He said this has been nothing but one mess after another and that
it was all Verizon's fault
me: you don't say!

the rep says "I'm surprised you are being as nice as you are"
that's when I tell him I yelled and then cried on the last phone call

SOOOOO....he says I have this all correct for you
we shall see.....
he said he will call me on Sept 18th to confirm everything
has been taken care of and our bill is correct.

I'll keep y'all posted


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thankful ....

We live in such troubling times now
and I'm not even going to get into that
but I will say I am so grateful that I live in the
United States of America
I enjoy freedoms that I try to never forget how precious they are
and I enjoy the most simple things in life the most

I am so thankful for........

  • Family celebrations
  • God
  • the sight, smell and sound of the ocean
  • a quiet day at home
  • football and more specific, the Cowboys
  • flip flops
  • a cold beer on a hot summer day
  • my family
  • my life with Johnny
  • holidays
  • ice coffee
  • vacations
  • grandchildren
  • good cooking, good food
  • the company I work for
  • good friends
  • my doggies
I could go on and on but
these were just on the top of my mind

and no post is a good post unless it has some pictures so here
are a bunch of pictures of our precious dogs


Friday, August 11, 2017

Before the wedding ....

always so much going on before a wedding
while folks were getting ready
I helped keep an eye
on 2 of my grandchildren
ring bearer and flower girl
Declan and Avery Grace

they looked so cute

Jacquelyn and I before getting dressed

trying to keep Avery entertained

so precious

niece Christy did such a great job on Jacquelyn's hair

and beautiful on mine too

Avery making a run for it! haha

selfie with Grandma


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Visiting friends ....

I mentioned before that Jacquelyn and Bucky's best friends
that had moved to Texas came back for the wedding
we had not seen them in 4 years.
So Thursday before the wedding they hosted a cookout
for their friends including the other couple they all
hung out with Denna and Cary

So cool....the 6 of them back together again.
Lucky for us, they invited us to the cookout too
and Jake even stopped by on his way home from work
it was good catching up with them before the wedding
and we loved meeting their son, Jolon.
The hard part was knowing they were going back to Texas 
after the wedding

missing from the picture is Bucky and Lynne, who took the picture

making faces like my kids always do....haha

more silly faces...

Avery giving Uncle Jake a hug

sweet Jolon
it was so great to meet him after following pictures on FB
for the past 4 years
him and Declan became friends right away
And Declan still tells us he wishes Jolon would come visit again

such best friends

Avery had to get in the picture

and look at them all dressed up, looking great and together again!!