Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Random pictures ....

Just some random things....

Nicole and Tyler took Gabe and Maddox to Williamsburg to the Go Karts
for their birthday....they chose that over a party
so the littles hung out with me

John Thomas, not quite interested in a selfie....haha

Sweet little Lorraine, so pretty 

Now that I am wearing contacts I can buy fun sunglasses
check these crazy ones out!

 Now I can't remember what this scrubber is called
but my sister-in-law Joanne told me how great it is
so I picked one up at Bed, Bath, Beyond
and I love it!!

I don't buy lottery scratchers very often but
oh hey....check out what i won on this one!

Avery Grace makes the craziest faces....

such a pretty little girl

Nicole and Tyler's crew....they were promised Sweet Frog
if they behaved for haircuts!
Nothing wrong with bribery!!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Halloween ....

Some of my decorations around the house
I bought these fake pumpkins at Michaels
and some glue with glitter in it
squirted it all over the pumpkin
then with gloved hand, smeared it around
Love how it turned out

Dining room table....it will look a lot
different when we have the Halloween party

My kitchen chalkboard
I may change this before the party


table in the dining room


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Line em up .....

I put these pictures up on Facebook quite often
but just want to document on my blog

for some weird reason my dogs line
up in order of age most of the time
it is rare to see them in any other order

these are all pictures from different days....you can tell
their favorite place to sleep!

Always Bella, 7 yrs, Pippa 6 yrs, Khaleesi 1 yr

even laying in the sun on the deck...always in order!

laying on the steps

Pippa was outside when I took this picture.....notice
they left the middle chair empty for her

just funny


Friday, October 13, 2017

Declan goes to school ...

Our grandson Declan started pre-K
he has been so ready for this 
so no nerves for him....he was very excited

He told his little sister Avery Grace...."I will teach you everything
I learn when I get home"
he is just so sweet.
He also told Jacquelyn once they left..."I never wanted to leave
Avery but I guess I have to"....haha

He is loving school but wishes it was every day and all day!!

He also started fall ball
he had done instructional in the spring
so this is another instructional type of t-ball