Thursday, July 28, 2016

My rant on nails ....

I love getting my nails done
well, actually, I love having pretty nails
I do not enjoy sitting there getting my nails done
pedicures, that is a different that.

I don't have very strong nails so getting the gel put over
them enables me to have long, pretty nails.

But my problem is these dang nail salons
I don't seem to have good luck with them

I did use the same salon for years and years
but then the owner took advantage of me being
a long time customer. Instead of treating me right, she had no 
problem taking a walk in 10 minutes before I arrived
leaving me to wait 30 minutes.

I decided I didn't have the patience for that anymore

so just decided to take a break from getting my nails done

again, after a break, went back to get my nails done

found a new salon and the first girl that did my nails was terrible
oh great, how do I avoid her!
when I went back for a fill in a different lady did my nails
and wow, she did great and they looked beautiful
she said "you always ask for me"
first mistake....
then it was like no one else could do my nails
when I would go in and they were busy, she wouldn't let 
me use anyone else, she always made me wait!
once I picked a color for my nails and she told me 
I was too old for that color! 
So I decided to find another salon
go in, lady does my nails, great job
and she says "you always ask for me"
and then slowly it just became the same thing
I make an appointment, before I get there she takes a
walk in, then when I get there I sit and wait. Many times
for 30 minutes. This may be the norm but 
I just don't like it.
the last time I was in there I had made a 5:45 appt 
for a pedicure and a fill in
I arrive at 5:40, I get in the pedicure chair and she tells me 
she has had nothing to eat so she is going to run in the back
and just grab something real quick. At 6:10 she finally came
back out. Pedicure going well and then some of the other technicians
are gathered around the front desk and she stops my
pedicure to chat with them for a few minutes
finally, finally.....this is done and I get my nails done
I got home at 8:00!! 
I'm over it.....going to have gel removed and just not do nails 
for a while.
rant over!



Unknown said...

Diane, when I got my nails I went to Celebrity Nails on Broadway and I started close to Steinman the. Hands down BEST place I have EVER been. Ask for Sue, she is the owner. You will love her.

Lynne Krueger said...

On Broad St. Went to her years!!

Lynne Krueger said...

On Broad St. Went to her years!!