Wednesday, May 20, 2015

36 years.......

yesterday Johnny and I celebrated 36 years 
of marriage

and I have to say, just 36 years of wonderful
A lot of folks will say marriage is tough, it's hard and you
have your ups and downs but Johnny and I have never
experienced that.....really, we just haven't.

Of course we have had sorrows in our life but we just pulled
together to get through those times.

and some people say marriage is a lot of work
but it has not been for us
often when we hear that Johnny or I will say what work
are we supposed to be doing? haha.....and I don't mean to make
light of people that have to work at their relationship, I'm just saying
that we don' just works. I guess we really were meant to
be together. We don't fight or argue.....we don't always agree
on things but that's fine, it's just never an issue for us.

There has not been a day in the last 36 years that we
haven't laughed....more than once each day. Even the day Johnny laid
in the ER after suffering a major stroke, he made me laugh!
Maybe that's our secret.....because we laugh every single day
Or maybe we just truly were made for each other

Happy Anniversary you!

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Kendra Holeman said...

I've always said, "I want to be married like you guys!" Oh how I wish for that now more than ever. Love you both.