Sunday, April 19, 2015


Grandsons.....oh man I love these little guys
I just cannot get a good picture of all of them looking at me
like below, great pic of Maddox and Declan but Gabe is hiding his
face and John is looking away with some weird eyes! haha

Then Gabe is looking but Maddox is no longer smiling and
John is looking down!

still trying to get a picture.....haha

 Then this happened....Declan leaned in to Maddox and smiled so big

Then I just kept snapping and Declan look to John and smiled

then he leaned back to smile at Gabe
these pictures were taken just seconds apart
So maybe I didn't get them all looking at me and smiling but I believe
I captured love.....I captured the cousin love that Declan
was feeling for Maddox, Gabe and John

So then I tried again....and Maddox decided it was time for
funny faces....haha

I also love this picture below....2 little cousins

just imagine, next Easter we will have a little girl, Avery Grace 
in the middle of all of these boys!

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