Monday, April 27, 2015

Chrissy girl ....

Christmas eve 1999 with a soft little snow coming down
Johnny and Jacquelyn brought home a tiny little peek-a-poo that 
was only 8 weeks old.
We named her Chrissy for Christmas and for 
all of the kisses she was giving us

She was one of the best gifts he has ever given me!
we all loved her so much
and for the past 15 1/2 years she has been "my girl"
Chrissy loved chasing tennis balls more than anything
and I would come home from work and we would throw the balls
down one end of the yard and then back to the other end
Because she loved chasing the balls but she never would bring them back
she would just run half way and then wait for you
to throw the next one

She always stayed very slim. Even as a puppy she never would over eat
Once she was full, she just walked away from whatever was left
But she always had room for her treats

As Chrissy aged, she started having back issues. More than
likely it was from her high jumps. She could jump straight up 
almost as tall as me! This took a toll on her lumbar disk
And because our bed is pretty high, the vet recommended her
not jump from there. So we purchased steps.....but she was afraid of them
So we removed the rug on the floor next to the bed and then she was
afraid to jump!! She learned to use the steps!

Her only other issue was a back knee. We opted for her to have weekly
injections for 6 weeks versus surgery and it sure did the trick
for her. 

She never went to bed until I was ready

She loved when you brought home new toys for her

She never liked children

She loved to go on walks and ride in the car

She loved having bacon and eggs on Sunday morning

She loved playing in the snow and was acting like a puppy
in the last snow we had...she ran, hopped and rolled all in it!

She had the same groomer her entire life and a couple of months ago her groomer passed away from cancer. No one has ever been able to groom her but Bess. Bess just had a magical touch with her and Chrissy loved her.
Because of her age we were not able to find another groomer so I trimmed her up when I could but she wasn't very happy about that. And given her age, we just let her be shaggy.

Chrissy girl had many names....Mickey Sue, Smoochie, Smoothie, 
CreCre, MeMe and just from me, my little angel

And on April 9th our precious Chrissy passed away

It's so hard losing a pet....she was part of our family and loved so much

here she is on Christmas morning with her new tennis balls.....making sure the other dogs didn't get them!

In the last snow and not acting like a 15 year old dog....she was running around and putting her face down in the snow, she rolled on her back and was just having so much fun

and here's out old girl all shaggy....

RIP peace our little angel girl....we love you


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