Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April ....

It's been a long time between post because I had
a bad virus on my laptop....unable to even access my blog to post!
A friend of Johnny's at work said he could fix it and fix it he did!!
thank you!
here's my chalk board for April, I don't think I ever posted that......
I started the month by having some minor surgery on my foot
it was a simple surgery but just a very annoying recovery because
well, it's your foot. And it's hard to do anything when you
have stiches on your foot.
So thankful that I work for a company that allows me to work
from home.....and that I did for 2 weeks. I kept my foot elevated
all that time and my reward is it healed up perfect.
Now I'm wearing a compression bandage with a very fashionable
boot....lovely. But it's the end of April and I'm almost to
the point of wearing shoes, almost.
Declan's birthday party was March 8th and these dang
balloons are still hanging around.....they have now floated their
way to the back staircase which is 2 story so they are still
there, really up high!! At times they startle me if I catch them
just out the corner of my eye. I popped them about a week ago.
here's my Bradford pear tree that I photograph all of the time
a few years back she lost some big branches from a big snow/ice storm
so that changed her perfect shape, but still pretty
I was stepping out to go to work and she caught my eye.....with the fog

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