Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary ...

Today is mine and Johnny's anniversary ... 33 years!

I am 56 years old
I lived 23 years without him
and 33 years with him

and I hope to live another 33 years with him!

some facts about Johnny....

1. He really only loves to wear jeans and tshirts
2. he loves beer
3. he loves jokes
4. he loves to have a good time
5. he loves ice cream, football, college basketball, Chef Ramsey, Shelby on Axe Men and loves to fuss about the judges on American Idol
6. He loves, loves, loves our kids
7. And he loves, loves, loves his sisters
8. he's my best friend
9. he loves the beach as much as I do
10. he has made me laugh for 33 years


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