Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nothing to post....

sometimes I just get in a rut and don't know what to post.
And then I remind myself that this here blog is really a family journal for my family!

So if it's boring, I'm sorry....it's just my life!
and here's what has been going on lately...

**I'm really proud of my sister....she is going back to school and she's a grandma!!! haha....I think it's awesome!

**I'm really proud of my son right now....for a lot of reasons

**I'm excited about doing a photo shoot with Amanda and her family. This will be my first "repeat" customer!

**We are finally going dress shopping with my daughter and her bridesmaids...and the little flower girl. It's going to be fun! But I do worry a little.....I'm so afraid she's going to fall in love with something we can't afford. let's hope we have good success!

**And I'm proud of that girl too!! She just always makes all of the right decisions and she's been there for her brother when he really needed her!

**I really want to start Christmas shopping

**I really want to start decorating for Christmas....but I'll wait

**I'm very worried about my Chrissy girl...she has not eaten in 3 days. When she finally ate last night, sorry, this is gross...she threw it up. She eats her milk bones and she acts like she is fine....running and playing.

**We kept our little Maddie on Friday night...our usual date, Sam's Club and dinner out!

**And I'm really proud of his momma, my other daughter. She's doing all of the right things for Maddox and it makes us proud.

**I hate matching up socks when I do laundry

**I currently have 3 photo shoots scheduled...yeah!

and that's about it

but of course, must have a picture......it's just my mantle. It's the picture I'm working on for my photoshop class!



Mallory said...

I like posts with a bunch of random things. I think that's what I'll have to do soon!

Connie said...

That sure is a lot of nothing to post and a really nice post....you are in the thankful mood it looks like! A great place to be!