Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last week..Part 5....

The last thing we did for our vacation with our family was head to the mountains. We love going to Carters Mountain and picking apples...and then going into Charlottesville for lunch.

JC, Jake and Bucky....ready to pick apples!

Tyler and Gabe are ready too!

What a beautiful view.....

ok really, I think I look a little too excited huh? haha

I think the orchards are so beautiful...

Bucky and his mom

There's Shay, Johnny, Maddox and Nicole.


Jake and Tyler...

JC and Melissa

Bob, Shay and Townley

Jake even climbed the trees for us to get the bigger apples that were on top.
I'll post pics from Ch'ville tomorrow


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LilliGirl said...

Awesome photos as always. I am always so pleased to see everyone doing so well and happy in your part of the world. Miss Ya!