Tuesday, July 13, 2010


are just the best!
and this is the beach where our daughter Jacquelyn will be getting married. dang....I get tears just typing that!!

here's me...relaxed and not worrying about anything!! Because I learned a long time ago that's what vacations are for!

and here's my Johnny boy...he's relaxing too!! Though really, I know he is thinking about all of the work he'll have to do when he gets back to his job!!

and while here on vacation, we checked out the venue for Jacquelyn and Bucky's wedding! And it's beautiful....
she's getting a lot done...Venue signed, DJ signed, photographer signed...still working on the florist and cake but we're getting there.

ok....I'm out...back to vacation!!



Amber said...

I love vacations.
And beaches.
And beach weddings.

Karen said...

PERFECT! It's going to be just GORGEOUS!
We are off to the beach for a quick little vacation ourselves! YAY!
HAGD! Karen

Connie said...

I wish my hubby knew how to really relax and would love to sit on the beach for a spell. He likes to go explore. AND he thinks about all the work he'll have when he gets back too.

Have a good rest of your vacation!


Calming Scents said...

ohhh very nice! No vacation for us this summer due to our daughter getting married. The wedding was held at our sons place, outside and it was just beautiful.

I've taken my vacation at home so i can actually enjoy my house. I've loved it.

traci said...

what an exciting time for all of you. i was at the beach too. i just love the beach.