Saturday, January 10, 2009


Our Niece Terri is doing much better.
She's out of ICU
Was moved to the surgical floor but she threw a fit, wanted to be with the other new moms and babes so they agreed, and moved her!
Now her hubby and new baby girl can stay with her.
This is so good for her right now

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Johnny boy is working 2nd shift today and tomorrow.....and it's pretty weird.

Watching the Arizona / Carolina game......Go Carolina!



Connie said...

Glad to hear she is doing better. Praying for her and family. Who are you rooting for tomorrow??

Christine said...

Continued prayers her way!!!! I love the name of your blog "Just enjoying life." Hope you had a good week end! Need any rain...I can send ya some!

JanaBanana said...

Hope she has a speedy recovery!
Did you get a new camera????