Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's been a week..........

can't believe I couldn't find the time over the weekend to post something. I didn't even get a chance to read my favorite blogs plus I have about 30 to add to my page.
I did read a few yesterday and taking from one of my favorites, here's my list of what I'm lovin right now.....

1. my new recipe box
2. new stuff from scrapbooking store
3. no more mouse in the house
4. weekend freedom
5. sleeping in on the weekends
6. my “ideas” notebook
7. cooking on the grill
8. fresh strawberries
9. all the kids coming over for dinner on Sunday’s
10. my new pocketbook


jacq said...

1. my boyfriend.
2. summer
3. going to my parents house on sundays for dinner.
4. my new car
5. having a!
6. my ziggy man.
7. going on the boat
8. fresh vegeatables from the garden/picking in the garden
9. summer dresses
10. that its almost time to go to the beach!!!

Nina Diane said...

oh yeah weon!! good ones!!