Friday, August 24, 2007


I can't believe that I haven't posted since the 15th!

We came back from the beach on Monday and I've been super busy since. Then I was out of the office all day on Thursday for a team fun event........which was indeed fun! We went rafting down the Shenandoah River in Luray, VA. No pictures though......I was afraid I might mess up my camera.

But.....about the Crocs.....which I have thought were very ugly shoes! And I have always thought that I would never buy these ugly shoes. But I needed some shoes to wear white water rafting so I thought if I buy the Crocs I can wear them in the river, versus ruining my tennis shoes, wich I have done before, then use them when I work in my flower garden. You know, just hose them off....right? And it's not like I would be seen out in public in them. (and my sincere apologies to anyone who does wear them in public....if it's your thing, then great and you probably look cute, it's just not my thing........and that is my disclaimer so that no one needs to send me anything hateful about the beautiful people who wear Crocs)

So I will tell you, yes, they may be ugly but dayum.......they are comfortable! I tried them on in the store and I guess was all caught up in that Croc fever and was all like oh yeah......these are cool....look how cute! (to which Johnny said no, they are not cute) And it didn't help that this lady about my age was also trying them on (she came in wearing some) and she was all like oh yeah, you should see all of the little attachments. (she had the Croc fever bad) So I ended u p buying the brown "Mary Jane" style and still with the Croc fever, thinking these are great if I need to run out to the store or something........gets me to thinking all of the different colors I can buy. When we left the store, I'm not sure what happened, maybe it was the hot, humid Virginia air hitting me smack in the face but it caused me to come out of my Croc fever and I told Johnny boy.........if you ever see me leaving the house with these shoes on, please slap my face!


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Loreluca said...

You made me laugh! I haven't even tried some on, either. For some reason, I just think they'd be... sticky? I can't even say, they just don't appeal to me, so no offense here. But I must confess that I see all those like pins, or charms, and I wish I would like the shoes, because I sure love the decorations! Maybe get some of them for scrapbooking??? We'll see, never thought of that before!