Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mini bedroom makeover.....

We did a mini bedroom makeover
it's the one room we have always ignored 

I'm putting up some pictures even though we still need to
have the room painted. I'm going to have it painted all white
all we did was buy new curtains, new lamps, new quilt and pillows
below is before.....nothing but sheers on the windows

boring beige lamps

Christmas quilt was still on the unmade bed
but normally not even a quilt or comforter
just blankets! haha....

we bought this silver sunburst mirror, love it

new curtains

white on white quilt
I really love quilts better than comforters
and I really love the new silver pillows

pretty new lamps....the design on the shades is done in what
looks like nail heads

to the rights is a little white lamp with a silver shade
that I bought so I can see to pick out my jewelry....haha

I think will look even better once we paint it.
Still need a couple of more pictures and I am getting a different
chair for the corner. That rocking chair I am storing 
for my sister


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Khaleesi Rue ....

We dropped off our sweet Khaleesi Rue to the vet
on Friday morning at 7:30 
I can't even tell you how much I hated leaving her
I know, getting spayed is pretty much routine but
I just can't stand the thought of her wondering
why would we leave her

The nice part is our sweet neighbor works there and
we knew she would be taking good care of her and
checking on her throughout the day. 

Our vet keeps the pets overnight
and wow, really hate that but I also realize it is 
really good so that they can make sure they 
are really ready to come home the next day

Our neighbor sent us pictures throughout the day
she is so cute!! We had taken her to the groomer
the night before to get her face cleaned up since we knew
she would have to wait a couple of weeks after her surgery
before she could be groomed

I could not wait to get up to the vet's at 10:00 the next morning
and here she is resting at home and all cuddled up in a 
warm Christmas blanket


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Church Hill Candlelight walk 2016 ....

Last night we went over to my sister's home in Church Hill
had a few drinks, ate a few snacks and then
lighted our candles and headed out to do the annual
candlelight walk to Libby Hill Park

We listened for the bag pipes
and found the crowd waiting in front of one of the historic
churches in the area

the bag pipes were lined in small Christmas lights

Once the walk started, they played beautiful music
we stopped at one point and they played Amazing Grace
as they laid a wreath in memory of our
fallen officers.

the walk continued to the park which over looks
our beautiful city

There we sang Christmas carols
we were starting to feel the cold and getting tired so
we headed back to my sister's home and 
hung out for a while having drinks.

I really wish the pictures had turned out
the homes along the walk are old renovated homes that
date back to the late 1800's. They were decorated so beautifully 
most all with fresh greenery, lots of ribbons and lights.
The gas lamppost were so beautiful all along the way
and all of them had red ribbons attached

It was a really fun night and we look forward to next year


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas decorations ....

a few pictures of my decorations, which I love so much
I could not put a lot of things out due to you know who....
Khaleesi Rue!!

I even have to block the den when we ae
not home for fear she might would
knock my tree over..

here ya go......
cute little white church that sits next to my kitchen sink

den shot during the day....morning sun coming in on the tree

love my new Christmas pillows
I keep my furniture covered with a sheet because of my dogs. 

just a pretty bowl of ornaments
it was risky putting them on this end table but
so far, none have been broken

garland over the doorway in the foyer going in to the den

cute nutcrackers on the bookshelves in the foyer

greenery on top of kitchen window

nativity in the dining room

in the living room

on the kitchen hutch, the fun little Target snowmen

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Khaleesi Rue ....

I put a lot of pictures up on Facebook of my dogs
but I wanted to have them on my blog too

An update on Khaleesi Rue.....she is soooo sweet.
just a sweet little girl
and she is soooo naughty!! haha....

she loves to pull things out, anything and everything.
she doesn't really chew things up, just pull stuff out

she will knock over our hamper and spread the clothes 
all down the hallway.
Every day, she pulls any hand towels she can find down
she doesn't chew them, just pulls them down, haha

We do keep her free while we are at work. I block off everything 
upstairs except for our bedroom
and now with the Christmas tree up, I block the den off
I can only imagine her pulling the tree over, haha

A lot of people tell me I need to crate her but we just won't
do that. We are gone 10 to 11 hours every day
there is no way I can make a little dog like Khaleesi stay in a cage
that long. Especially with the other 2 dogs out.
so we just try to remember to put everything away

she's a funny little girl too.....Pippa Lou always barks
when she sees people walking down the road. When she does,
Khaleesi comes running for you to hold her! 
same as outside, when Bella and Pippa Lou bark, Khaleesi 
runs to the deck....very much a little sissy girl

She is very entertaining, loves to fetch the ball
but she also is great entertaining herself.
she'll grab a toy and just run all around the downstairs
chasing that toy around, tossing it and then going after it

here they are waiting for Johnny to fix their dinner

this is us every evening....all 3 of them lay up in
the chair with me

Khaleesi looks a lot bigger than the other 2 but really she is
just taller than them. Her body is very tiny. I do think she will
end up bigger than them though once she is full grown
she is only 5 months old now

When I work from home I sit at the dining room table
and I have to pull out chairs for them to sit in with me

Little Khaleesi Rue is a great addition to our #teddybearpack
Bella warmed up to her first and they have become great playmates
Pippa Lou has taken a little longer but is now coming around and will
join in on the playtime.
We love her so much


Friday, December 2, 2016

November ....

November came and went and no blog post!

It was a busy month mostly because I spent
a lot of time online Christmas shopping.

Trying my best to be finished with my shopping
by Dec 1st.

I almost made is Dec 2nd and I have
just 6 little gifts left to pick up. So I'll be going out
first thing tomorrow morning to get that finished.

It's not often I hit this goal but when I do, I just enjoy
the month of December so much more with not having
that hanging over me!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There were 16 of us,
6 children and 10 adults.

So the first time we had a children's table

It was just a really fun day. I did half of my cooking on
Wed and the rest on Thursday.

We ate during half time of the Dallas game

here is the children's table.....I had little turkey crafts and 
coloring pages for them before dinner

and the adult table....which seats 10...perfect!

this picture just cracks me up.....Jake as always making
a crazy face but check out Avery Grace doing the same!

My hubby and I...all happy as we had all the kids and grandkids
at the house and everyone was happy.....and DALLAS WON!!

Declan and Gabe working on their turkey

Kayce helping Maddox with his turkey

Johnny and baby Lorraine

we have the 2 prettiest princess' as granddaughters

Our 3 beautiful children

we tried to get a photo of Johnny and I with all
of our grandchildren....this was the best we could get!

sure looks like Lorraine is trying to tell her grandpa something

hopefully I'll find the time to put some Christmas decoration 
pictures up soon.

We also had Thanksgiving on Saturday with my family
all 32 of us!! what fun we had