Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our grandchildren ....

We always hoped of having grandchildren 
and with 3 children we figured we had a pretty good shot at it
Had no idea we would have so many!!
and words can't even describe how much we are loving it

Here's Maddox
10 years old
the happiest little guy I have ever met
Always wanting to help, loves his brothers
no matter what his struggles are, he just keeps going
has overcome so much in his life

8 years old
A very nice and well mannered young man
loves baseball, VCU basketball
talks a lot and loves to share stories with you
very thoughtful
loves his brothers
(and just lost his first tooth)

Declan Liam
2 years old
talks like he is about 4 years old
funny, a little prankster and very sweet
smart guy and amazes us with the things 
he already knows
loves his baby sister 

John Thomas
21 months old
biggest eyes, longest eyelashes I have ever seen
Such a happy little guy
except that he is cutting teeth so not happy about that
adores his 2 older brothers

Avery Grace
5 months old
she is the princess of the group
our first girl
She is constant motion
so sweet and a little bit prissy
and loves her brother Declan 

and now we have another little girl to add to the group
she will be here around the end of November
very excited for our family
and we still have Jake.....who has not married or had 
children yet so could get a few more :)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Magic Eraser ....

I saw somewhere on the internet a list
of all of the uses of Magic Erasers
one of them was cleaning silver
I normally use Tarn-X, which stinks so bad
smells like rotten eggs to me
So I thought I would give it a try on the base
of this cake plate
It was my Momma's and I just love it
It's so elegant, so beautiful
and the magic eraser worked great....took some
elbow grease but it worked!

as you can see below, this piece
was in pretty bad shape
I didn't even know my Momma had this and we discovered
it when cleaning out some of her things.
So you can just imagine how long it's been since it was cleaned
It was wrapped in plastic so that might have saved it from
getting "pitted" tarnished

you can see good here that the right side is already looking good


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween ...

Last weekend we carved our pumpkins
Declan wasn't very interested in cleaning out the pumpkins
the day before at his house he had painted a bunch
of pumpkins so I think he enjoyed that more
maybe next year....
So Bucky did their pumpkin
and I did the one for our front porch

And of course Avery Grace just watched us as she
was eating her bananas. I think it was either the second
or third time trying them.

look at that little cutie!

and now that I have put these pictures up I notice I
probably should have cropped out the back side of Pippa Lou...haha

Mine is the happy one, Bucky's is the scary one

we also roasted the pumpkin seeds
the ones in the green jar are roasted with olive oil and sea salt
the smaller jar is with cinnamon and brown sugar

We have a bakery on site at work
it's awesome and dangerous
I brought home some goodies for the grandkids


Saturday, October 24, 2015

New pup ....

Our son Jake and his girlfriend Kayce got
a new puppy
they adopted her from the Richmond Animal League
And they are not really sure what she is a mix of
but one thing is for sure....she sure is cute!!

They already have a corgi named Newman
and they really wanted a buddy for him
the first week was a get to know you kind of week
but now, they are just best friends!

Newman below with his squinty eyed attitude....not sure
of her at first but now loves her!


Friday, October 23, 2015

More beach ....

A few more pictures from the beach

I call this picture "Full Daddy Mode"
look at Bucky handling it all.....such a wonderful dad!

Our outside balcony at our condo 
Declan loved racing back and forth and showing
us how fast he is. Look at that face ... so serious!

Declan's shells he found throughout the week
all cleaned up


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beach ...

It's been over a month since we were at the beach
so guess I better put some beach pictures up!

Sadly, I did not take a lot of pictures but here's a few
here's Avery Grace ready to head down to the beach
with her very stylish bathing suite!

Declan made a friend on the beach

My beautiful, sweet daughter Jacquelyn

Bucky with his 2 babies.....he is such a great Dad!

Avery Grace dressed all fancy for dinner out

more tomorrow

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grave Digger ....

Our daughter Jacquelyn and son-in-law Bucky invited
us to go on vacation with them and the kids and 
Bucky's mom Lynne!
Our favorite time to go is in September
kids are back in school so the restaurants are easy to get in
no long waits
the weather is great and the ocean warm

So we headed down on Labor Day weekend
But first, we had to stop to see Grave Digger
It's all that Declan has been talking about

He was so excited to be standing next to Grave Digger
he loves his monster trucks!!

Avery Grace had no interest in the trucks!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Patch .....

Last weekend I went with Jacquelyn, Bucky, Declan
Avery Grace, Lynne and Tom to the pumpkin patch
up in Ashland, VA
we thought it opened at 10:00 so we made our plans to get there right
before that time to avoid long lines. Turns out we had the wrong
time....and goodness, the line was unbelievably long.
the good news is, it moved fast!
well look a there.....such an old lady taking a mirror selfie
I don't care.....I work hard to stay in good shape and any way, needed
to show off my skeleton shirt!

Jacquelyn and crew came to our house before heading out and she
fed Avery Grace.
Declan does not get to watch TV, only one show, Paw Patrol, per day
and that is while Jacquelyn is preparing dinner. And seriously, I think
that is why he has the language skills of a 4 year old....
So to keep him happy before leaving, they let him watch an
episode of his favorite show.....check out that precious smile!

check out Avery Grace's kitty cat hat

selfie with Declan

Bucky, Jacquelyn and Avery Grace

you pay $20 for all of the pumpkins you can hold and take 3 steps
Bucky always comes through and handles our pumpkins!

taking his 3 steps

we had perfect weather and had a lot of fun