Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I wear ....

a couple of things first.....keep in mind, I'm 57 years old
second, I can take really good pictures and I have a really, really great lens
for taking pics. I've taken classes and studied a lot on photography but I look like a total idiot taking a picture of myself. And I def cannot even get them to
turn out very good...ha!
and third, I wasn't even sure I could post this but here goes....

I think one of the harder parts of aging is the clothes you wear
personally, I'm not ready to wear my grandma's style clothing
but yet I'm a grandmother!
I love the younger styles but luckily, I'm smart enough to know
I cannot wear some of those fashions!
So I just kind of border on....the in between.
Not too young but yet not too old
And sometimes I'm just not sure but if I can look in the mirror
and think it's ok, then I go with it.

so here are my outfits over the past week
I might make this my regular "wear it Wednesday" post
but then again, regular readers know that anytime I try to
do a weekly theme posting, it usually fails....haha!!
you can let me know your opinion.....if you think they look too young
or too old, it won't bother me!

So for Thursday's outfit for work.....
I guess it could border on too young.....because you see a lot of
the younger generation wearing the leggings under dresses. But I like
when I wear a shorter dress that I don't have to worry about it flying
up or that it's just too short for my age. Plus, I like the look so I went
with it.......


On Friday I wore this.......
and really you just can't go wrong with capris, a simple tshirt
and a cardigan so I would vote this one age appropriate.

This is what I wore on Saturday...just going to do some
cleaning, then a friend was coming over and I was going
to keep Declan for a couple of hours

Then Saturday night, black pants, yellow blouse and black shawl
low heel shoes.....going out to dinner with Johnny

This is Sunday morning.......heading to Jazzercise!!

Then Sunday just relaxing.....

well, doesn't look like I'll have very many dressy days...ha!
this is Monday...I'm working from home today so I can
really be relaxed! At least I'm not still in my pj's
and oh good grief....could my picture be any blurrier!!

Then on Tuesday I wore my gray linen pants with a nice blouse.
I love wearing linen in the summer. I know the wrinkles are terrible but I
still love it. I ironed these before work and by the time I got there they
were all wrinkled up but that's's the linen look
On Wed I had to work from home again.....the den cabinets and shelves
are being installed. So I didn't take a picture as it was just shorts
and a tshirt. So there ya weeks worth of
outfits. I'll probably do another one of these.....because I do
have some cute new clothes to wear this summer. That is if it
ever warms up enough!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chrissy the helper .....

Chrissy is our 13 year old Pek-a-poo and she is very obsessed with lights

And she's a smart little girl too......because she
knows that when workers come to the house, they have
tools. And tools give off lights, reflections from the sun
So I usually have to lock her away or she can get in the way
The other week we had an electrician over to figure out why
some wiring wasn't working. They had to take the door off of
one of the cabinets as there was some wiring in the back of
that one. Chrissy was being good so I didn't lock her up
But I walked in the kitchen and here she was......I guess
trying to help the electricians!!

love my sweet Chrissy girl


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was gassed ....

about a week ago Maddox came over to spend
the night with us.
Even though he is 7 years old, with being a special
needs child, you still have to watch him a lot
and my house by no means is kid proof
I gave that up a long time ago when our kids
grew up
When we re-modeled the kitchen, we put in a gas
cook top. I was not used to gas....though I do love it now
So I never really thought about the kids being able to turn
the knobs and turn just the gas on
So whenever Maddox would visit, we would try to remember
to do that. But I totally forgot this last time
I was sitting in the den and he was just being busy exploring
around the house. I saw him in the kitchen wiping things up...
something that he loves to do. Then he came in to the den
with me. We hung out in the den for awhile and then the
dogs wanted to go outside. I walked in the kitchen and WOW...the
gas about knocked me out. I was afraid to turn the fan on, didn't
want to create a spark so I opened the doors and windows
Really scared me bad
Now, I just keep the gas cooktop locked every day, all of the time
I'm not taking any more chances like that!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Flowers ....

here's my annual post about my flowers in
the yard and around the deck
I probably could post the same set of pics each year because
it's rare for me to buy anything different .. ha!
but I buy what I know will grow best in and around our house
and most of my plants are perennials so they just come back
each year

first up is having to clean out and wash up all of the pots
and this is just a few of them!


I usually do not have much luck with tomatoes because the
squirrels love to take bites out of them
but I haven't seen many squirrels around this year
So I'm going to try again......

My peonies have not opened up yet ... I'll have to post a
picture of them once they do. They are by far my most
favorite flower

and my 2nd favorite are my hydrangeas. I love them so much
and love cutting bunches of them for vases
I have the large one that we've  had for awhile but now
3 more...they are real small right now


the clematis is especially beautiful this year

I love putting marigolds on the steps as they do
help keep the bugs away. They are a cute flower but
they do not smell good at all......
and here are a few more around the deck......

the grass is looking beautiful too
The only downfall is Johnny is having to cut it twice
a week much rain is sure helping it to grow
so beautiful. Below you can also see the pink
butterfly bush. It has done the best ever now
that we cut it down to the ground once the
summer is over


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary ....

Today Johnny and I celebrate 34 years of marriage
and we have had a wonderful
34 years of marriage.

he's a great guy....and my tribute to him is
34 things I love about Johnny
He's a hard worker
I can always trust his judgement
He always tries to make me happy
He's a good guy
He's a man of his word
He takes out the garbage
He always makes me laugh
He's the most honest person I have ever known
He would rather be with me and the kids than anyone else
He puts up with my menopause moods
He fills up my car with gas .... always
He loves my momma and daddy
He turns on the coffee every single day for me
He always makes sure I'm ok with what's on TV
He doesn't mind that I don't cook during the week
He will bring me home flowers for no reason
He is a great father to our kids
He would give a stranger the shirt off of his back
He's not a show off
He calls me if he's running late
He loves his sisters
He loves our doggies
He's pretty handy around the house
He's proud of me
He's realistic
He's  not a whiner
He rarely spends money on himself
He always says "I love you"
He always ask me before he leaves for work if I need anything
He's loyal
He takes pride in our home
He's a good friend
He has a great sense of humor
He loves me ... and I love him
Happy Anniversary Babe!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hail ....

The other day we were getting ready for our
Jazzercise class and a terrible storm rolled in.....
and it started hailing marble size hail like I've never seen before
it was coming down so hard it was starting to pile up like snow!
Definitely the worst hail storm I have ever seen.
we have our class and then I head home.
I no sooner pull into our neighborhood and another storm
comes in....with even more hail
So I just have to sit in the driveway as there was no
way I was getting out of the car in that mess.
It sounded like tons of rocks were being thrown
at my, so loud.
After I had been in the house for awhile, I thought about
taking a picture of the hail. Of course since we were still
in the 70's, most of it had melted but here's a pic
that shows some of the hail.
the really bad part of the hail was it tore up my new tomato
plants. some of them were broken and they lost a lot of leaves.
but with the recent sunshine and more rain, they're looking
pretty good now.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Are you sick of Fiesta ware ....

yep, another post about my Fiestaware.
what can I say......I love it.

I had all of my little Fiestaware coffee cups in the cabinet
of my coffee bar. I don't use these for coffee, too small but I do 
use them for hot tea. And of course, I just love the colors
so I didn't like that they were "hidden" in the cabinet.

I bought this shelf of hooks at Target and I think
it's perfect for my little Fiestaware cups


Monday, May 13, 2013

Frost ....

Usually here in Virginia you're pretty safe from frost once
we get into May
and now, May 13th, they are calling for frost
so here's the little tent that Johnny and I did
to protect our tomato plants and my basil plants
my tomato plants are in containers so was easy to
just pull them all together by the table that my
herbs are all sitting on.
I didn't bother to cover up any of my flowers
I sure hope they will be ok

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Red bar stools ....

Our kitchen re-model was a 1 1/2 years ago......and I'm
just now getting my bar stools for the island
I've known all along that I wanted red stools
and had planned on buying them from the same company
that we had our table and chairs made by
but dang....they went out of business. Which is really
too bad, they were great to work with and sold only
solid wood furniture.
So I had to start searching for a company that not only sold
solid wood but one that could get me the red finish
I found one, read reviews and they seemed fine to deal with
So I ordered my stools on Feb 22nd
they told me 3 to 4 weeks for the custom finish
and week by week went by and no stools
And Johnny kept telling me that he thought I had been ripped off
once in awhile they would answer my emails
always promising a shipping date or tracking number
but I never received I was beginning to think I
had lost my money on this deal.
And then the other day, May 9th, my stools finally arrived!!
aren't they beautiful.....

I love them!!