Monday, November 28, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 13

here's the remaining schedule....

let's hope that it goes smooth

  • Support beam to be installed Wed
  • Plumbing and electrical scheduled for Thursday and Friday

Then the following week....
  • Sheetrock work and arch installed on Monday and Tuesday
  • Wood floors installed starting Wed 
  • Granite should be installed on either Friday or the following Monday
Then trim work in dining room and painting
So if all goes well, we'll be done by Christmas
worst case, painting would wait until after Christmas...but let's
not go there!!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 12

Here is the update ....

  • cabinets are installed, trim and hardware being put on today
  • old floor ripped out
  • all new applicances have been delivered
  • refrigerator and dishwasher sitting in my foyer
  • I am tired of washing dishes in bathroom sink....
  • and still have a couple of weeks to go
  • granite guy coming to make the template on Monday
  • did I mention I'm tired of washing dishes in the bathroom
  • also tired of eating out
  • sheetrock guy coming this week

that's it for now


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 11

Finally, finally.......they started the kitchen re-model
everything else has been building up to it
and now, we have work being done!!

Below is the wall before

and now here is the work that was done today
note they only removed the first section of the wall
the part that is left is the load bearing wall so it will need to
be supported while the beam is installed
also, we had a little surprise ...  there was the gas line!
we did not know it was run through that wall

and yes, I'm losing my chalkboard wall

also received the good news today that the cabinets
will arrive on Nov 23rd......Happy Thanksgiving!! haha


Kitchen re-model ... part 10

Currently my kitchen sink sits in a corner on the counter top
right at the breakfast bar

we are doing away with the breakfast bar and moving
the sink to right under the middle window

I have 3 encasement windows and I've always had
mini blinds and curtains on there

So I had taken everything down as we get ready to prime the trim
and noticed how beautiful the windows look with nothing
on them. It made me think they would look great like that
once the kitchen is finished .... then we got up Sunday morning and
was BLINDED by the sunlight. Seriously, you needed sun
glasses on to get your cup of coffee!! haha...

We have stained trim in the kitchen and now that the cabinets are
going to be white, we decided to paint the trim white!

So I started today priming the trim. You have to use an oil based
primer in order to cover the stain and the smell is so strong!
But I did get right much done on Sunday
I injured my back Saturday so stopped priming early

Before .....

During ....

and then see that chair rail above .... I started priming it and realized
that the hutch going on that wall is built in so the chair rail
has to come down! haha....


Monday, November 14, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 9

my Johnny certainly spoiled me on this
a new french door refrigerator for our new kitchen!



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 8

I will admit I have been getting a bit frustrated as I
want to hurry up with the kitchen! But then I feel bad
and most certainly do not want to sound ungrateful
because believe me.......I feel so lucky and blessed to be
getting the kitchen of my dreams!

And now it seems we are finally moving forward.  Def starting on Tuesday
So Johnny and I have been very busy over the weekend.

First the microwave over the stove came down ....

and moved to the dining room ... aka: our temp kitchen

then the first cabinet came down .....

and then some more came down.....

what a mess!

before we started this mess we had to pack up everything
and now it all resides in the living room.......along
with the new sinks and lights and stuff.

more to come!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 7

Demo has still not started but we are getting closer
the engineer came out today and if he gets his calculations to
the contractor tomorrow, they will start demo on Friday
otherwise, it will be Monday!

We did get the new yeah on that

this is for the 1/2 bath

and this is for the sink on the island

and this sweet baby is for the big ole sink!!

the sinks came in today so I think Johnny will pick those up
this evening.
we're getting closer


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 6

Harbor - 1 Light Nautical Large Pendant Lighting Fixture - Oil Rubbed Bronze - B5974
See that light right up there....that is the lights that
I am putting up over the island

I had such a time trying to "copy" a picture so sorry it's not
showing up a little bigger

they are brushed nickel....
I think the kitchen is going to have a pretty warm vibe to it
but I wanted to throw in a little "industrial" look to it too
it's actually listed under "nautical" but I think it has more of
a warehouse feel to it.
the only other lighting we are doing is can flush recessed lights all over
4 in what was the former breakfast area
and 6 in the kitchen area

I still have to find a new light to go over the table in the dining room
that's it for now


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkins and costumes ....

Jake and his girlfriend Jenny bought pumpkins really early
probably too early
because they carved them up, made some really cool designs
and then we had a warm spell
and they rotted on the front porch
but still, they had fun and the pumpkins did look good for
a couple of weeks!

here's a pic of the boys on Halloween
Gabe was Ming Ming....a character I have never heard of
and Maddox was a power ranger
his costume was the one I made for Jake about 18 years ago!


and I'm not sure what Tyler is.....kind of creepy though!
the boys had a lot of fun trick or treating, despite the rain!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 5

this is just an update as we haven't done much of anything lately
we were waiting for the contractor to line up the plumber, engineer, etc.

still need to pick out a dishwasher
still need to find the lights....I know what I want, just need to find them

I had thought it would start this week but now
it's looking like next week

the new gas cooktop comes Friday

we have a ship date for the cabinets ... Nov 21st
which means we are really going to be pushing into December...
which means it might jeopardize my Christmas goodies cooking!
my waist line will appreciate that though!

so no new news now.....
hopefully, soon!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apples, apples ...

I didn't really pick many apples
as I said in previous post....most of the trees were bare except for
ones too high up

so I just bought the ones already picked by the staff

the next day I made the most wonderful apple cake
and a most delicious apple pie

And I think the best product I have ever bought from
the Pampered Chef is my apple peeler / core gadget!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tshirts ...

Our son Jake has been piddling around with designing tshirts

Now he's getting serious

he has taken over my sewing room!!

yep, I think he's pretty serious now....


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple picking ...

A couple of weeks ago we all went up to Carters Mtn for
our annual apple picking trip.

We decided this time instead of having lunch at Henry's Restaurant where
we usually eat, we
would pack a picnic lunch and eat at one of the local parks
in Charlottesville.

So we get up on the mountain pretty early and the place
is packed!! wow.....

it's just crazy......only apples high up on the trees, crowds everywhere,
standing in line for the bathroom, standing in line for doughnuts, 
standing in line to pay for apples!
ughhh, enough is enough!

it's just not as much fun anymore!
anyway, we left and went down the mountain a little ways to the
park but with us having 3 vehicles, there were no parking spots left

then we head BACK up the mountain to Monticello thinking they probably
have some picnic areas...but no, couldn't find any.
Now we head DOWN the mountain and turn onto the highway
figuring we're up in the country / mountains, we're bound to
find a pull over or somewhere for a picnic
but no, we had no luck

so we went to the area high school, pulled around back
and spread our blankets out, unpacked coolers and laid around
filling our bellies and taking little naps
in the end......we had a great time!!

and now let's have some picture overload....

yeah, I told you picture overload ... haha!
next year we are thinking about skipping apples and trying the
maple festival.