Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Wed....

and there's not much going on. I was out with my nephew last night who just celebrated one year of being clean and sober. Maybe that's too personal to post but I am just so proud of him.....and it's not like ya'll really know him........right? He's an awesome guy who has worked very, very hard to get where he is now and along the way has formed a beautiful relationship with God so how can I not brag about him!

other things I'm thinking about...........
  • I don't really know the "rules" of when people post comments on my blog, how should I respond? Should I post a comment back, should I email them.....I like to answer back to folks but I'm not always sure how to and I really want to!

  • Where is of my fav bloggy people and she has not posted since she sprung the news on us that she bought a new house....well, and the fact that she is quite the brat!

  • I told my friend at work today that I have resigned myself to the fact that this is the weight I will be for the "second" half of my being a grandmother part of life. I had lost a total of 6 lbs and I think I've gained back about 3. I think it is harder when you get older and I'm just not a fan of having to watch what I eat so much. Maybe I'll feel different later but right now, I'm ok with how I am

  • The only reason I like winter is for the snow.....the possibility of getting snow, the anticipation and the waking up in the morning to a winter wonderland. Well, it has not happened this winter and I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen. So I'm over winter.....I'm ready for spring.....bring it on!

  • Johnny boy babysat Maddox last night for the 1st time by himself. I came in at 10:00 and there was Johnny, laid back in the recliner with Maddox cuddled in his arms.....sound asleep. Toys all over the den and the kitchen a mess. Awwww......just like the good ole days when our kids were little!

  • There are just way too many fabrics in the world to choose!
  • We cleaned mom's den on looked great but it doesn't appear that mom was too happy about it. So now we have to face the fact that for some reason, our mom loves to live in clutter. She never did before but now she does. So is that what people do in retirement.......walk around in their clutter! Because I'm finding as I get older, the more I throw out so what the heck will I do when I retire! hehe......

  • Our little guy Maddox is starting to show some really good progress! He can cruise the entire downstairs now by himself holding on to walls and furniture and such. He is also trying very, very hard to talk........the speech therapist says his babbles now have more "tone" to he's trying to say actual words. He is not much on imitating....he would do it once in awhile but last night, my nephew kept "growling" at him and he would smile and growl back. Our hearts melted......
  • I think maybe that's all of my thoughts for the are some random pics. A beautiful sunset one evening taken from the front porch, a few shots of the dining room though I'm not finished with hanging curtains, mirror and such.......and then a shot of Ziggy and I looking out of the window from the pool room, Jake took this from the driveway.....and my Chrissy and Ziggy sleeping together.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Ice Ice babeee

we woke this morning to a little bit of sleet and freezing rain. It was enough to keep me home though........I don't like driving when there are icy spots around. So I just worked from home today.....a great day to stay in!

It WAS Valentine's day.....

Our home computer is infected with that Valentines virus that was going around.....some sort of worm and it is playing havoc on our pc.... yikes! Johnny boy has tried a couple of clean up programs and we're still having issues. Hopefully, he'll get it all cleaned up this weekend. But looks like we will lose everything on our hard drive.

Usually for Valentine's day we don't do much.......maybe a card. Johnny usually just gives me flowers for no reason or holiday. But on Wed, 2/13, he came home with 2 dozen roses.......separate. One dozen of red roses for Valentines day and one dozen of mixed roses for my awesome review at work. ahhhh.........what a guy!

and then duh........I forgot to take pics of them until many days later.....and they were starting to look pretty bad.


Monday, February 18, 2008

End of vacation.......

So I've been off of work for 5 days and it has been WONDERFUL!! Even though I have worked my butt off. I painted the extra bedroom........2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint. Hung new pics and new curtains. Put Maddox's porta crib and a rocking chair in there and it's all ready for him when he spends the night.

In the dining room, I stripped the wall paper, 1 coat of paint above the chair rail and 2 coats of paint below.....I'll post pics later. I'm just too tired tonight.

Jacquelyn and I took my mom shopping today. She bought a new outfit for my sister's wedding and I bought her some new shoes for her birthday. I know that doesn't sound like much but they were Uggs.......and you know those suckers are expensive!

and now it's back to work tomorrow. But I'm reved......and review was awesome so I'm pretty happy about that.
I can't believe I have not been on the internet for the past 5 days.......I've so missed reading everyone's blogs. I'll get caught up this week.

Monday, February 11, 2008


and you know what that's number time! And the number this week is ZERO......ZILCH......ABSOUTLEY NOTHING!! I lost NO weight at all this week. But I guess on the bright side, I didn't gain either. And I'm really, really getting tired of dieting. And I'm eating a meatball sub smothered in cheese for supper tonight so I'm sure that's not going to help!

The weekend was good.........we kept little Maddox on Saturday night. He's just the sweetest little guy ever. Didn't have him too long Sunday as Nicole came by at 9:00 so they could go to church. Here's a pic of him getting ready.......that's his new sweater that I got him the other day at the Gap. And that's how he shows love........he reaches his hand out to you.

I'm taking this Thursday, Friday and Monday as vacation days. Just want to get some things done around the house. My year end review is Wed.....let's hope it's a good one! And Paula was saying she still doesn't know what my job is.........well, besides being a really cool grandma, I work full time as an Administrative Assistant at a pretty large company. That's a fancy word for secretary! haha
The pictures.......Maddox loves to play with Nicole's hair, my pretty girl Chrissy, Maddox wearing Kayla's hat, Jake, Kayla and Jacq fixing their chili on Super Bowl Sunday, Maddox relaxing with Uncle Jake.
whoa......I sure am boring on this post!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

100! 100! 100!

wow.....I can't even believe that I have posted 100 times! good grief.....who knew I had that much to say. Well, maybe Johnny would argue with that...haha

so I think I'm supposed to post 100 things about that right? well, here it is.........
1. I have been happily married to my very best friend in the world, Johnny boy, for 28 years. (29 in May)
2. If possible, I love him even more today than 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 29 years ago!
3. If possible, I love my kids too much.
4. I love doggies.....I wish I could live on a farm with tons of land and adopt all of the homeless dogs!
5. I am the second oldest sibling in my family. My oldest sister is 53, I’m 51, my brother is 47 and my little sister is 43.
6. I drive a 2007 Pontiac G6 GT hard top convertible……..and it’s hot!
7. I am 5 ft 3 inches
8. I have black hair with gray and brown eyes
9. I graduated from high school in 1974 and did not attend college
10. I was a stay at home mom for 14 years and loved every minute of it.
11. I wish I could be a stay at home grandma.
12. I have to have a glass of ice water on my nightstand when I go to bed at night
13. I have a terrible time with my back
14. I lost my best friend/sister in law 2 years ago to cancer and I miss her as much now as ever
15. My favorite food is anything Italian
16. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
17. I was named after my mom…..Nina
18. I gave my middle daughter Jacquelyn my middle name….Diane
19. I love being at home
20. I love to read
21. I love to crochet
22. I love to scrapbook
23. I love to work in my flower garden
24. I love to drink beer
25. I love to drink coffee
26. I love to sit on the deck in the hot Virginia summer
27. I love to go to the beach…….The Outer Banks!
28. I think my dad is the best ever and is probably the number one Jack of all trades!
29. I think my mom is the best mom ever and the classiest woman I know.
30. My Johnny boy still drives his 1989 Ford pick up truck
31. I do not like to ride in the 1989 Ford pick up truck
32. I love to eat fresh fruit….especially blackberries and blueberries
33. My favorite outfit to wear is jeans and a white cotton blouse.
34. I have tons of decorating ideas but not always the wallet for them.
35. I enjoy cooking in the winter…not so much in the summer.
36. I have a horrible fear of snakes and cannot even see them on TV or look at a picture.
37. My favorite shoes are my Birkenstocks and I wear them in the winter with socks.
38. I love football
39. I only enjoy college basketball during the playoffs and that’s only because I play the pools
40. I love Aerosmith
41. I love living in Virginia because we have all 4 seasons, the ocean and the mountains.
42. I love snow!!
43. My favorite football team is Dallas and second is Green Bay
44. My favorite baseball team is Atlanta and second is Boston
45. After all of these years......I still miss my grandma
46. When I was young, I dreamed of being an interior decorator in a big city like New York
47. I don’t care for cats
48. I have to read my Sunday paper in order……first, the sales ads, then the comics, The Flair section, the Metro section, the front page……..and none of the rest
49. Yellow is my favorite color
50. Peonies are my favorite flower
51. March 2006 is the first time I had ever been out of the country. I went to Honduras for a friend’s wedding……and it was fun!
52. I have lived in Richmond, Virginia all of my life
53. I want to very badly go to Hawaii but Johnny boy doesn’t want to fly over the ocean so that may never happen
54. I am not a nice person in the morning. I do not like for anyone to speak to me until I have had my cup of coffee……and then I am nice.
55. My wedding band has never been off of my finger since the day Johnny boy put it on there……May 19, 1979. I even had them tape it up whenever I had surgery.
56. I have one grandchild……Maddox who is 2 yrs of age and is the LOVE of my life.
57. I dream of living at the beach
58. Favorite movies – Field of Dreams, Any Given Sunday… and football of course
59. Christmas is my favorite holiday and my most favorite time of the year!
60. I love sleeping late
61. I love Yankee candles…….especially the Clean Cotton
62. My favorite lotion to use is still Johnson’s baby lotion in the pink bottle….I use it every day.
63. I love my job
64. My birthday is March 22nd
65. Johnny boy’s birthday is June 22nd
66. I have always thought that the number 22 is magical to me because 90% of the time when I look to see what time it is, it is 22 minutes after the hour.
67. See, I just looked and it’s 22 minutes after the hour!
68. I love seafood
69. I quit smoking May 2007
70. I still want a cigarette but it’s all good
71. My thyroid does not work, at all…….it’s a wonder I don’t weigh 200 lbs.
72. My current favorite TV shows are…..Lost, Greys, the Office, Friday Night Lights
73. OMG……am I at 100 yet!!
74. My new favorite ugly sayings are “Ass Clown” and “Hell to the freakin NO”. Ass Clown replaces “Rat Bastard”
75. I LOVE to play poker
76. Is anybody still even reading this and if you are, leave me a comment!
77. I do not eat fast food
78. I have had one speeding ticket my entire life………and I was 18 yrs of age
79. I buy all of my clothes from the Gap
80. My all time favorite band growing up was the Grateful Dead……I think that makes me an old hippie
81. I love celebrity gossip but I hate how the paparazzi hound the celebrities
82. I love loud music
83. I love fast cars
84. I only drink one or two sodas a month….either Pepsi or Sprite.
85. I love sitting on the beach all day, watching people, watching the waves, reading a good book and drinking cold beer….ahhh, is it summer yet?
86. I feel like my day is incomplete if I don’t read the morning paper.
87. I talk to my dogs like they are people and I even crack jokes with them
88. I’m not a big shopping person.
89. And I really hate grocery shopping. I’m so thankful that Johnny boy likes grocery shopping
90. Did I mention how much I love my Johnny boy?
91. I hate to carry a pocket book……..and now that I quit smoking it is easier to get by without one….. I don’t have to worry about carrying around cigs and a lighter. So I just have my phone and my keys!
92. I’m thinking dieting is really, really hard and I’m not much of a fan.
93 I’m also not a fan of these damn hot flashes.
94. And coming up with 100 facts about yourself is also really, really hard.
95. I didn’t know I would love blogging so much and reading all of my bloggy friends blogs!!
96. I love coming home from work on Fridays……I make a pot of coffee and sit back and do nothing!
97. I now love to say “that’s how I roll”
98. I love to read John Grisham books
99. I do not pump gas
100. I love my life! it may seem mundane and boring to some but it's everything I want it to be and I'm just enjoying life!!

and that’s me……..100 facts about me!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Sunday..........

First, let’s get the number thing out of the way. Another week of losing just one lb but that’s ok. That brings my total to 7 which leaves me 15 to go. And though I’m getting tired of it, the fact that my clothes are fitting better is what is keeping me going.

What can I say about the Super Bowl…….it was the good, the bad and the ugly

The good – all of the kids came over to watch the game. We ate really good chili and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Bucky won 2 quarters of his football pool. It was, no matter what anyone says……a very exciting game. We had a good time!

The bad – Jacquelyn lost the football pool, Johnny lost right at the end of the game…..when the Giants scored. Had they not scored, he would have won $1,000!

The ugly – New England lost……..end of the perfect season!


Friday, February 1, 2008

In 7 1/2 months........

we'll be here....

This house is awesome! 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 14 TV's....pool table, air hockey, foozball, private swimming pool, hot tub....3 refrigerators, private walk to the beach and it even has an elevator! Johnny boy's sister from Georgia and sister from Texas are coming up and all of the nieces and nephews! We are all looking forward to this vacation

My life is changing.....

Nicole and Maddox are moving out.......and life will be different. They have been with us for 2 years now so it's going to be weird not seeing Maddox when he gets home, not kissing him goodnight every single night, not waking up on Saturday morning to his smiling face.........

And then April 1st Jacquelyn and Bucky are moving into a house and they will be taking Ziggy with them........oh my!

So I mentioned to Johnny boy the other night that maybe, just maybe we need to start thinking about another little baby dog.......and he said.........."I don't think so".