Wednesday, July 25, 2007


it's all starting to add up.........quit smoking, lots of TexMex food while in San Antonio, and my crazy idea of making either a cake, cupcakes or brownies every Sunday.........OMG!! The scales are tilting so I need to get motivated and get on the treadmill or my clothes will no longer fit. I hate to have to always be worrying about my weight. I wish I could just say......hey, you're 51 and this is the way you're going to look! And I can do that for awhile but then I want to slim down some.
well, let me go see if I can even find the treadmill


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My children.........

Anyone that knows me well knows that I love my children. I adore them, I worry about them and in turn, I worry them to death! I know and will admit that I drive them nuts. But that's my job..or at least that's what I think my job is. I want them to always be safe but above all, I want them to be happy.

My middle daughter Jacquelyn has been with her boyfriend Bucky for over 3 years now. She filled my heart with joy when she told me that they want to be like me and daddy! WOW...I took this as a huge compliment. Here they are so young, so smart, so cute and funny, the world in the palm of their hands and they are looking at our life as something they want! I think that is amazing and I am patting myself on the back for that one! Then last night, in her nightly phone call to us, starts telling us about the home prices where they live. What.....y'all are going to start saving for a house...yep she says! I think that's great and I think for just being 20 and 21 years old, it's a pretty good thing. I like that about Jacquelyn and Bucky..they are setting goals. Something everyone needs to do.

I have been writing my goals down since I was 18 years old. These goals change over the years...some are silly, like when I get obsessed with winning the HGTV Dream Home but most are sensible and attainable with hard work. I have reached almost all of the goals I have ever written down......except the HGTV Dream Home. I read my goals daily, sometimes more than once a day. I change them, I re-write them in a different handwriting.....ok, I guess that would fall in the really weird things I do. I believe if you think about your goals every single day, keeping them fresh in your mind, then they will guide you in making wise decision which will help you reach your goals. Might be strange or silly to some but makes perfect sense to me and it works for me so I'm thinking my way is probably right.

So now my son Jake is doing this and I must say.....I just love it! I want to worry him all of the time about his list of goals that he keeps in his wallet but I refrain from doing that. I know I wouldn't want anyone worrying me about my list. But I know in my heart that as long as Jake is writing down his goals, reading them daily (you are doing that right?) and keeping them fresh in his mind, then he will reach them. He will find that mom is wise beyond her years...always right and he will pass this down to his own children..ummmm, ok, that's getting a little out of hand.

Now, if I could only get my Miss Free Spirit Nicole to come up with some goals....but it's all good. She's following in my footsteps, though in different ways...with how she is raising her son. She loves him, she adores him and she will probably drive him crazy just like I drive her crazy. But she will above all things, want him to be happy.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Plain Monday.........

not much going on.......check out the really cool coffee mugs that I bought at World Market this weekend. They cool is that???

**great weather over the weekend. Cooked on the grill, did a little shopping, cleaned a little bit.

**Mom's surgery went great and she's doing better each day

Haven't you always wanted to "toot" your own it now! I'll tell you a five great things about me and you tell me five great things about you!

1. I'm a really great wife and love my husband more than anything in this world!

2. I have really nice handwriting.

3. I am creative

4. I adore my children

5. I am really, really good at my job

now tell me about you


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's confirmed.....I'm a fan of Victoria Beckham!

Say what??? Yep...I never liked that woman. I've never met her, never saw her in an interview but based on just her looks, I didn't like her. Now I ask, how ugly is that! But then I saw her on the Jay Leno show and she was great. She was funny, smart, poked fun at herself and she was real. She was not all of that celebrity fakeness that you see so often.

I decided right then and there that yes, I would ad dher reality show to my ever growing list of reality shows that I don't admit to watching. So I sat down the other night to watch and I have to admit....i Loved it! I was actually laughing out loud and there are not that many shows that I laugh out loud to......The Office of course. Johnny even sat down to watch and laughed a couple of times...don't say you didn't because you know you did.

I think I would get along great with Victoria. She would be a friend. And I think she is another one (besides Steven Tyler) who would enjoy hanging out with me on my deck!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


What's up with 4:30 am. Well, let me tell you what's up with 4:30 am...ever since we came back from vacation, it's the time I FREAKIN WAKE UP EVERY MORNING!! Oh, let me correct myself, twice I woke up at 3:30 am. Let's see.....3 4:30's and 2 3:30's...why that's a full house.....what do I win?

No kidding...I just can't understand why I'm waking up so early. I am a person who likes to sleep...might we say loves to sleep. I can sleep in on the weekends until 9 or 10:00 no problem. But something is happening...something is amiss....something that I do not like. "They" say you do not need as much sleep once you get old....does this mean I'm getting old because you know in my mind I'm still like 25 or 26 years old. I know "they" know everything and "they" are always right but this could possibly be the first time that "they" are wrong! Because I'm not old....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

This is truly a "Thank goodness it's Friday". It's been one hell of a week trying to catch up from vacation. So the recap for the week is in bullet points.....what can I say, I'm tired.
*Little man is doing so well with his physical therapy.......look a here. He can finally pull himself up to a standing position. AND....he has learned to climb up the stairs....uh oh. Could be trouble.

*Here's the best part of out on the grill and hanging out on the deck.

*I recv'd the KB kit this week....I had never ordered a scrapbooking kit before and I must say, I LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Not sure I would always want to go this route but I will order again.

*Ziggy finally got a haircut. He's always very proud......look at him just showing off his awesome new cut.

*Can you see the new, very tall jar in the food picture? It's great.....I bought it down in Manteo, NC and I just love it. I'm getting a little hung up on buying glass here lately. The kids think it is weird...they said it's so tall and can't understand why I haven't filled it with something. But I'm still thinking about what I'm going to fill it with!
I'm tired....and I think I hear my bed calling to me

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hump day fun.........

fill in the space...........

1. Never in my life have I: caused an accident
2. High school was: fun at times, irritating at times
3. When I'm nervous: I suck in my bottom lip
4. My hair: gets on my nerves.don't know what to do with it
5. When I was 5: I hated that my sister went to school & didn't stay home & play with me.
6. When I turn my head to the left I see: the piano and 2 windows
7. I should be: living at the beach!
8. I have a hard time understanding: mean people
9. You know I like you if: I email pictures of my family to you
10. If you spend the night at my house: you would have to sleep on the floor
11. The animal I wouldlike to see flying besides birds: maybe know, "when pigs fly"
12. Last night: I scrapped 2 new pages
13. A better name for me would be: huh?
14. If I could have any car, it would be: I should say my new G6 but would also like a yellow 350Z.

so c'mon everyone............fill in your blanks!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back from the beach

What a wonderful time...........we had perfect weather, ate some great food and finally had some time of just "me and my Johnny boy"! Fun to be gone but equally as fun to come home and sleep in our own bed. And back to work today to what felt like a million emails......but that's ok.
Live the moment......which is what we always do on vacation. There's never "checking the time" except maybe in the morning so we can laugh about how late we slept. We don't eat by the time and never have plans so there's no way that you can't "live the moment". We're never rushed to do the next thing. I wish I could live like that all of the time......instead of rushing. Rush to get ready, work, fix supper, hurry up....put in the next load of clothes....rush to bed as Lost is getting ready to come get the picture. And that's how we all live. But at least on vacation, we stop and we linger and we live the moment.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sweet new ride......

one more post before's a couple of pics of my sweet new ride. Ah yes.....I have out grown the mini van stage when the kids were little........I've outgrown the Expedition stage when the kids traveled with an it's my turn to have some fun! Though sweet MacDaddy (the Expedition) I still love ya! We kept her and she is the one traveling to the beach this week. New little car isn't used to all that sand and salt air........haha


Happy Birthday USA

I know that picture might look gross but Shay - it's the Mahi Mahi ready to be grilled. I put lots of onions and lemons and this time I used the "Tony Soprano" spice that I picked up in Texas. you remember Scott kept calling it the Tony Soprano spice. was delicious. The wire basket you can get at Target.
also, some pics of the deck all "decked out" for the 4th of July.
Johnny and I are leaving in the morning for the beach.........6 wonderful days ahead. I'm really looking forward to being away and relaxing. So I won't be posting until Monday night.
I wish everyone a wonderful and safe 4th of July