Friday, March 17, 2017

Sunday in the Outer Banks ...

On Sunday we were all happy about the 
St Patricks Day parade
a very fun event in the OBX
we look out the window and whoa, it's snowing!!
just very small, delicate snowflakes falling
couldn't even capture it good in a picture
Johnny went out and got us some breakfast biscuits

and we all put our "green" on....except it was so
dang cold we had to wear our big coats which
covered up our green shirts. We had beads and scarves
so we were still representing the Irish!!
we headed over early to get a parking spot and
then just hung out in the car until it was almost time 
to go out in the cold

Lynne and Bucky waiting for the parade to start

 the cold def kept the crowd size down. This is usually 
3 to 4 people deep. Looking down Beach Rd it did
look like a lot more people

afterward we headed over to Mulligans for some lunch
Really wanted to go to the Kelly's after party but we had been out
in the cold too long....

Jacquelyn and I trying to stay warm

so glad I brought my snow boots!!
sure kept my feet warm

Declan went swimming at the indoor pool a 
couple of nights

I know, my pictures are way out of order but oh well
this is cute, Avery Grace was putting Johnny's glasses on him
but once on, she would take them off, try them on 
and then do it all over again. She was having fun

Lynne and I having a cold beer at Mulligans
after being outside freezing....haha

Johnny was freezing.....he should have worn his
big coat!

after going back to the hotel, Jacquelyn and I left
to go check out the new Home Goods that had just opened
on Sunday. So many pretty things!!
I found 2 pictures to hang in our guest room

While there I heard my name and turned to a woman I did not
really recognize. But she recognized me and I'm so glad she did!
we have a lot of mutual friends, her brother was best friends
with our brother-in-law Tommy. They recently retired and moved
to the OBX just like Johnny and I plan to do. So we've been chatting
online about it a lot and I was so happy to meet Janet in person.
I already have my first friend for retirement!

then after Home Goods, being really crazy, we went back out to the beach
this time we went up in Kitty Hawk trying to find some
good shell beds to find some sea glass but it was high
tide so not a good time to look plus it was way too cold!!

We stayed in Sunday night and ordered Dare Devil pizza


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