Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 2016 ....

I think every year I say we had the best Christmas ever
so this year is no Christmas ever!
Though to be honest, it was also one of the hardest. Last year, not
having momma with us was really bad. And then this year
not having daddy with us....well, it just really sucks once 
both of your parents are gone. 

Johnny and I have so many traditions with our kids
we have kept all of the old ones and always adding
new ones. But this year, all of those traditions changed
and that's ok
we always knew it would happen and it was fine.
In the past, the kids all came over at once, it was loud
and crazy and wild and then it was done and they all left
So this year with our changes, it seemed to be more enjoyable
and lasted throughout the day 
But it was the first year since 1981 that we woke up with
no kids in our house so that was very weird

We woke early to go over to Jacquelyn's to watch the kids
see what Santa brought. 
after they opened presents we all had breakfast.
Jake and Kayce joined us 
this was Bucky and Jacquelyn's first time hosting breakfast
and they did such a great job and everything was delicious!

When we left there, Jake and Kayce came back to the house with us
they opened all of their gifts. 
Then we gathered up gifts and went to Tyler and Nicole's
what fun we had with all of the kids opening presents

We came back home and RESTED....showered
and did a little cooking
Then our brother-in-law Tommy came over
Jacquelyn and her crew came over
Nicole and her crew came too
and our niece and her boyfriend came
and we just really had a great day

Santa brought super hero costumes to Declan and Avery

Enjoying delicious breakfast of hash brown casserole, bacon, 
cinnamon buns, fresh fruit

Our 2 little princess' sweet


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