Monday, November 13, 2017

A nature walk ....

Jacquelyn wanted to take Declan and Avery
out on a nature walk to see the pretty leaves
with not wanting to go in woods she wasn't familiar with
I suggested walking the trails at our work, Capital One
We have such a beautiful campus
And she invited me to come along
Declan had a nature bingo card and he wanted
to use that as his scavenger hunt list

We found everything on the list except 
a butterfly and a bee

here's Declan checking list list

I had my walking stick with me but whenever Avery wanted to
walk, she wanted my stick

checking something off of the list

had no idea what this was....weird looking

a lake was on his list and he called the pond a lake so
that one got checked off

we have a treehouse on our!

Our campus is so pretty in the fall


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Halloween ...

On Tuesday, Halloween some of our kids and the grandchildren
came over for dinner and trick or treating

I always make a big pot of beef vegetable soup
for everyone.
the kids don't eat a lot as they are so excited for 
trick or treating!!

Lorraine....a VCU cheerleader

Avery Grace as Princess Peach

Nicole getting ready to help Maddox and what is
up with his arm looking massive long....haha
funny what camera angles can do

Declan as Mario....

Johnny brings out a lot of his Halloween
party things for the trick or treaters....

Ready to get some candy!!

there are kids in the neighborhood who tell Johnny
he has the best Halloween and Christmas house....he loves that!
there were some kids who screamed and ran
and some who just walked by, wanted nothing to do with any of it