Friday, December 2, 2016

November ....

November came and went and no blog post!

It was a busy month mostly because I spent
a lot of time online Christmas shopping.

Trying my best to be finished with my shopping
by Dec 1st.

I almost made is Dec 2nd and I have
just 6 little gifts left to pick up. So I'll be going out
first thing tomorrow morning to get that finished.

It's not often I hit this goal but when I do, I just enjoy
the month of December so much more with not having
that hanging over me!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There were 16 of us,
6 children and 10 adults.

So the first time we had a children's table

It was just a really fun day. I did half of my cooking on
Wed and the rest on Thursday.

We ate during half time of the Dallas game

here is the children's table.....I had little turkey crafts and 
coloring pages for them before dinner

and the adult table....which seats 10...perfect!

this picture just cracks me up.....Jake as always making
a crazy face but check out Avery Grace doing the same!

My hubby and I...all happy as we had all the kids and grandkids
at the house and everyone was happy.....and DALLAS WON!!

Declan and Gabe working on their turkey

Kayce helping Maddox with his turkey

Johnny and baby Lorraine

we have the 2 prettiest princess' as granddaughters

Our 3 beautiful children

we tried to get a photo of Johnny and I with all
of our grandchildren....this was the best we could get!

sure looks like Lorraine is trying to tell her grandpa something

hopefully I'll find the time to put some Christmas decoration 
pictures up soon.

We also had Thanksgiving on Saturday with my family
all 32 of us!! what fun we had


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