Saturday, December 3, 2016

Khaleesi Rue ....

I put a lot of pictures up on Facebook of my dogs
but I wanted to have them on my blog too

An update on Khaleesi Rue.....she is soooo sweet.
just a sweet little girl
and she is soooo naughty!! haha....

she loves to pull things out, anything and everything.
she doesn't really chew things up, just pull stuff out

she will knock over our hamper and spread the clothes 
all down the hallway.
Every day, she pulls any hand towels she can find down
she doesn't chew them, just pulls them down, haha

We do keep her free while we are at work. I block off everything 
upstairs except for our bedroom
and now with the Christmas tree up, I block the den off
I can only imagine her pulling the tree over, haha

A lot of people tell me I need to crate her but we just won't
do that. We are gone 10 to 11 hours every day
there is no way I can make a little dog like Khaleesi stay in a cage
that long. Especially with the other 2 dogs out.
so we just try to remember to put everything away

she's a funny little girl too.....Pippa Lou always barks
when she sees people walking down the road. When she does,
Khaleesi comes running for you to hold her! 
same as outside, when Bella and Pippa Lou bark, Khaleesi 
runs to the deck....very much a little sissy girl

She is very entertaining, loves to fetch the ball
but she also is great entertaining herself.
she'll grab a toy and just run all around the downstairs
chasing that toy around, tossing it and then going after it

here they are waiting for Johnny to fix their dinner

this is us every evening....all 3 of them lay up in
the chair with me

Khaleesi looks a lot bigger than the other 2 but really she is
just taller than them. Her body is very tiny. I do think she will
end up bigger than them though once she is full grown
she is only 5 months old now

When I work from home I sit at the dining room table
and I have to pull out chairs for them to sit in with me

Little Khaleesi Rue is a great addition to our #teddybearpack
Bella warmed up to her first and they have become great playmates
Pippa Lou has taken a little longer but is now coming around and will
join in on the playtime.
We love her so much


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